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Tafisa to Select New CEO

Tafisa Canada starts a search for a new CEO, to come on board and transition with current CEO Louis Brassard before taking the helm in 2025.

Louis Brassard

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The Board of Directors of Tafisa Canada announces today that it has initiated the selection process for a new Chief Executive Officer, to succeed Louis Brassard.

The process was planned to ensure the successful candidate will benefit from Brassard’s mentorship while gradually taking the reins of the company over a transition period that will extend into 2025, thus ensuring a smooth transition at the head of the company.

Brassard has been involved with the company since 1994 and as CEO since 2003. During his tenure, he has greatly contributed to the growth and success of the company. “Louis led not only the growth of Tafisa but also its unique positioning as the supplier of choice for innovative and high-quality decorative products across a number of segments. His unwavering dedication together with his clear and consistent vision have very much impressed us and we are delighted that he has accepted to continue to help the company and the team beyond the transition period”, said Mr. Paulo Azevedo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tafisa and Efanor. “On behalf of the board and the entire team, I would like to warmly thank him for his exceptional contribution.”

Tafisa, a subsidiary of Sonae Capital Industrials, part of the Efanor group of companies, owns and operates one of the largest particleboard and TFL manufacturing plants in North America. Inaugurated in 1992 and located in the Lac-Mégantic region of Quebec, Tafisa employs nearly 400 people. Serving both residential and commercial markets across North America, Tafisa is recognized as a global leader in sustainable particleboard manufacturing. This reputation is earned, in part, through the company's commitment to incorporating recovered and recycled wood fibre into its processes.

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