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Product Spotlight: PureClad

IFS Coatings presents their innovative PureClad powder coatings as a groundbreaking approach to providing protection, durability, and vibrant color options to heat-sensitive substrates, including wood and MDF.

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A specialized powder tailored for heat-sensitive materials, encapsulating protection, visual appeal, and sustainable benefits, the PureClad line from IFS Coatings offers innovation, versatility and durability.

Product Highlights:

  • Advanced Formula: The PureClad line showcases cutting-edge powder primers known for delivering unmatched protection, especially noted for their sandability and moisture protection. These powders stand out, not only against traditional liquid topcoats but also against competing powder topcoats.
  • Variability: PureClad is accessible in a broad spectrum of colors and offers both glossy and matte finishes, catering to a wide array of aesthetic preferences, with options for both smooth and textured outcomes.
  • Resilience: PureClad powders have been formulated to preserve flexibility over a prolonged duration, guaranteeing consistent protection against cracking, chipping, and moisture. They're known for their uniform application and superior film formation.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: In an era where sustainability is paramount, PureClad sets itself apart as the eco-conscious choice. It stands out with an enhanced sustainability profile compared to other solutions, being devoid of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde.
  • Holistic Offering: Beyond a mere product, PureClad promises a comprehensive, green solution. It prides itself on speedy finishing processes, economic efficiency, aesthetic brilliance, and unparalleled physical robustness.

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