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Zargen: The Two-Minute Closet Drawer Solution

Grass USA introduces Zargen, an economical, fast solution for closet spaces.

Zargen drawer system from Grass USA

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Grass’ Zargen Drawer System provides a design-friendly, economical, and fast solution for closet spaces. Compatible with 32mm indexing and coming in 50mm length increments, 350-550mm, Zargen's flexibility and versatility are ideal for closet design, manufacturing, and installation. With five side heights and flexible railing systems, the Zargen drawers can be customized to fit the bespoke needs of even the most complex closet spaces.

With the Grass PRO1 machine and the Grass ZRam, you can assemble your Zargen drawer in two minutes or less. All you need are a pair of Zargen slides, the drawer front, back, and bottom. The PRO1 drills the holes for the front and back while the ZRam presses the slides into the parts. 

The Zargen system—made in the U.S.A.—truly offers infinite possibilities for the end user, with options for deep drawers, standard drawers, pencil drawers, and roll-out trays. Its customizable side and height adjustments help users achieve perfect alignment for every unique application. See it in action here.


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