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Kinvaro D flap system, paired with the Tiomos Flap hinge, revitalizes drop-down cabinets.

Grass America is pleased to introduce our new “upside down” flap system.  The Kinvaro D, the newest member of the Kinvaro lifter family, is a stylish, modern drop-down flap system that creates a minimalistic look with clean lines while offering easy access into the cabinet contents. 

The Kinvaro D offers the perfect drop-down flap solution for the classic wall cabinet.  Functional and comfortable the Kinvaro D offers an integrated damping system providing a gentle opening that rest at 90° with the assistance of the Tiomos Flap hinge.  Kinvaro D-M flap system is offered in White, Night, and Smoke with a flap door weight capacity up to 22.5 pounds. The Kinvaro D-S is offered in White and Night with a flap door weight capacity up to 13.5 pounds.  Both systems integrate nicely into various types of cabinetry and can be mounted left or right, vertically or horizontally with a minimum cabinet depth of 82mm (3 1/4”). 

The sleek and modern Tiomos Flap Hinge is a flat rectangular hinge that offers a 90° opening angle and 3-dimensional adjustment. When a handle-free door application is preferred, Tiomos Flap can be paired the Tiomos Tipmatic pin system.  

Kinvaro D and Tiomos Flap hinge, the perfect combination for a fold down system that ensures the open flap is flush with the base panel every time.  Discover Kinvaro D and Tiomos Flap hinge on Pinterest, and Kinvaro D-M Kinvaro D-S Tiomos Flap Hinge on our YouTube channel.