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Italian companies combine experience, expertise to offer full range of services to panel industry

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Five renowned Italian companies have joined under the name Alliance Décor Technologies to offer the panel industry a complete package from impregnation and coating of décor papers to lamination.

Fabinmec Europe, Chemisol Italia, Tocchio International, Brofind and Pagnoni Impianti have combined their decades of experience and expertise to offer a more complete and competitive line of services, said Gianluca Bagatti, CEO of Chemisol Italia, representing the Alliance.

“Years of collaboration and sharing skills and expertise on different projects have resulted in an important industrial synergy to grant considerable benefits from this great heritage of each branch and—at the same time—to satisfy each and every need of the market,” Bagatti said.

“This partnership secures, as well, significant advantages to all customers, ensuring attention to budgets and to the quality of the final product,” he said.

Alliance Décor Technologies covers the entire cycle from resin production and storage to mixing with proper additives to impregnation and coating to air purifying and solvent recovery to the production of laminated wood panels.

“Considering the complexity of the working process and the unique requests of the market, this dynamic synergy promotes the development of tailor-made solutions for the customer,” Bagatti said.

The companies’ specialties are:

  • Fabinmec Europe – Plants for resin production, storage and mixing.
  • Chemisol Italia – Production and distribution of melamine resins in powder form and additives for paper impregnation and board production.
  • Tocchio International – Impregnating and coating plants offering constructive and customized solutions.
  • Brofind – Air purifying plants with particular attention to issues deriving from gaseous emissions containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Pagnoni Impianti – Press lines for the fast lamination of wood-based panels either with phenol or melamine impregnated papers. Press lines for the production of chipboards, MDF, OSB, HDF, plywood and sandwich panels.

“Each of these companies, which are all leaders in their specific sectors, contributes with its decades of experience to help create value-added solutions for any request of the market,” Bagatti said.


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Producing Opportunity

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