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Grass America , a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, announces the Tiomos series, a stylish hinge system that represents a significant evolutionary advance in functional hardware for cabinets and furniture. The unique kinematic mechanism, concealed inside the hinge arm, makes doors extremely easy to open and enables unprecedented alignment to reduce gaps.

The Tiomos series features a soft-close closing with adjustable damping technology. The closing process is smooth and even from the degree that the soft-close is activated until the door is completely closed, irrespective of the size and weight of the door.

In addition, the unique kinematics facilitate exceptionally narrow and even reveals with minimum gaps. These characteristics of the hinge system are of special benefit to designers creating high-quality, luxury kitchen designs. The precise vertical and depth adjustment is continuous and self-locking using a worm gear principle. The third dimension is equally easy to adjust for setting the overlay and the stop limit.

Tiomos provides perfect movement for virtually every application, from standard doors to wide doors, for both frameless and face frame applications. There is availability of a wide range of specialty hinges for applications such as pie-cut corner application, blind corner and negative angle corners, thick doors, and thin doors.