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Fabrizio Anzalone Named Head of SCM North America

Fabrizio Anzalone takes the helm of SCM North America May 6, 2024, after three years leading SCM France.

Fabrizio Anzalone

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SCM Group has announced Fabrizio Anzalone as the new leader of their subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, effective Monday, May 6.

Anzalone has led SCM France for the past three years and is recognized as a dynamic and successful executive with more than 20 years of experience fostering growth and achievement in the industrial sector. His career has seen him in diverse roles across Europe, the United States, and Brazil, each characterized by transformative leadership and strategic vision.

“I accept with great pleasure the honor to lead the North American Region,” Anzalone said. “The company has the ambitious ability to grow and increase market share by developing new partnerships and new technologies while emphasizing focus on customer support and service management. This specific market is crucial to SCM Group’s overall development; my predecessor, Giuseppe Riva, did an excellent job in his time with the company and I look forward to continuing the path of success.”

With a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Turin Polytechnic, Anzalone cultivated a profound understanding of technical intricacies coupled with a strategic mindset in the realm of industrial business management.

Anzalone's objective is to continue the action led by his predecessor Giuseppe Riva with the support of the SCM North American team to continue the growth and development of the Group in the American, Canadian and Mexican markets.

SCM officials say Anzalone’s tenure at SCM Group France stands as a testament to his ability to enact positive change and revitalization within organizations. As managing director, he spearheaded a remarkable turnaround, steering the company from a period of uncertainty to one of stability and expansion. Through decisive go-to market strategy, talent acquisition, and attention to collaborative leadership, Anzalone successfully doubled sales revenues from 2021 to 2023.

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