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Cleaf took part in the two Italian editions of Architect@Work in Rome (October 11-12) and Milan (November 29-30).

The format dedicated to architecture and interior design solutions has been the perfect gathering to showcase Piombo, the surface for furniture and interior design from Cleaf's Hyper Materials collection, which is composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability.

It shares its chief characteristic with the metal from which it takes its name (symbol Pb, atomic number 82): it is completely matt.
Innovative acrylic resins, applied using Electron Beam Curing, mean that Piombo reflects very little light – hence the opacity – while at the same making it anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches.
Cleaf's unique experience and production technology have succeeded in transferring these cutting edge properties to faced panel, laminate and edge.
The result is a sophisticated and coordinated surface for furnishings and interiors, either vertical or horizontal.