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Survey Illustrates Challenges That Persist for Architects & Builders Designing Smart Homes

A recent survey indicates many architects and builders still lack knowledge of smart home planning and have difficulties finding reputable industry partners.  

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A recent industry-wide survey revealed significant findings on the challenges architects and luxury home builders face in the design and construction of custom homes requiring the integration of smart home technology and automation solutions.

The online survey, from BRAVAS LLC, a premier provider of smart technology for luxury homes, was presented to more than 3,000 architects and luxury home builders across the U.S. in early June. The results underscore the growing importance of early-stage collaboration with integrators in the luxury home market, highlighting enhanced project outcomes and increased homeowner satisfaction.  

"The results of this survey shine a spotlight on the increasingly essential role that custom integrators play in the overall design and construction of luxury custom homes,” said Mark Goldman, Chairman & CEO of Bravas. “By partnering with a reputable nationwide custom integrator offering advanced product solutions, reliable warranties, and superior lifetime service, architects, builders, and designers gain access to a wealth of expertise and innovation, ensuring seamless integration of advanced technologies that enhance the functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal of luxury homes. By collaborating early on, architects, builders, and designers can deliver a superior, future-ready living experience that meets the discerning demands of their clientele. This collaboration not only elevates the home's market appeal but also provides clients with a tailored, intuitive living environment, ultimately setting a new standard in luxury living."  

Twenty percent of respondents said high costs associated with smart home solutions represent a significant challenge faced when integrating smart home technologies, followed by 19 percent saying they lack knowledge and training on smart home tech; difficulty finding reliable vendors and products; and compatibility issues with existing home systems.  

Greater accessibility to the right integrators can help architects and builders. While only 19 percent of architects and builders said they “regularly” work with custom integrators on smart home projects — 60 percent said “sometimes” — the majority of respondents (31percent) said they need better access to skilled custom integrators. Another 30 percent said they need access to more reliable custom integrators who stand behind their products.  

Of those architects and builders who are currently partnering with custom integrators, 23 percent said they get the most value out of the integrators’ expertise and solutions, along with help with setup and servicing. Another 22 percent said they benefit from the integrators’ understanding of advanced tech offerings, and ability to help plan out architectural needs.  

Furthermore, architects and builders are increasingly relying on custom integrators for a variety of key strategic areas. The majority (28 percent) said they rely on integrators during the initial design and planning phase.