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The WCA’s 10th anniversary plans include a big presence at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and the launch of a new sponsorship program to support the development and growth of a skilled woodworking workforce throughout North America.
Nellysford, VA (March 6, 2017) – The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the industry champion of skill standards which open doors to rewarding careers in professional woodworking.
The WCA was established in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity to actively promote and develop a skilled woodworking workforce in the United States and Canada. Ten years later, the WCA has created skill standards for more than 240 woodworking machines and operations; issued more than 1,300 Passports and signed up more than 165 high school and postsecondary woodworking programs as EDUcation members.
As the latest sign of its growing influence and acceptance, four states – California, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin – now recognize the WCA’s Passport credential program for their respective state-sponsored woodworking programs. In addition, the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association recognized the WCA as its 2016 Educator of the Year.
Other recent WCA milestones include the release of the second edition of the WCA’s Woodworking Skill Standards and launch of Pathways, the alliance’s quarterly e-newsletter.



SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America, a key player in decorative surface technology as part of the global SURTECO GROUP SE, today announced significant leadership changes aimed at bolstering its position in North America. Each promotion signals a strategic move toward a unified leadership structure across the company's product lines of