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WolfRayet Heats up the Gas Catalytic IR MDF Powder Coating Market

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WolfRayet, a new company that designs and manufactures Gas Catalytic IR powder coating ovens and offers entire powder coating systems for MDF and heat sensitive substrates, has launched. WolfRayet, headquartered in Gainesville Texas, offers Gas Catalytic Infrared ovens for powder coating, MDF and other heat sensitive substrates.

The WolfRayet Galaxy product range includes:

  • The Galaxy 6, 8 and 10 systems which are designed for medium to large scale operations. Each system can be customized at the initial design stage.
  • The Galaxy Lyte which is an easy-to-use small-scale system. Suited for low-volume coaters to achieve a high-quality coating finish. The Galaxy Lyte is designed for cabinet shops and existing custom metal powder coaters, allowing for powder coating of both wood and MDF as well as metal parts.
  • The Galaxy Ultra Lyte which is the smallest system available for those looking to powder coat one Kitchen Set of MDF doors and draw fronts on a daily basis.
  • Pre-Gel or Booster ovens prior to Convection ovens.
  • The complete Galaxy range comes with innovative space saving overhead conveyor systems.

Mike Chapman, WolfRayet Chief Technical and Strategy Officer explains: “At WolfRayet our mission is to apply the latest design and technology to manufacturing. Working with application partners we can deliver complete systems. Every system can be used to powder coat MDF and other heat sensitive substrates.” Explaining the oven technology, Chapman continues: “We believe that our Gas Catalytic IR technology, together with PLC systems, gives total process control. Altogether it is an exciting new high tech, low operating cost solution. Our complete systems deliver a perfect cost-effective cure, for all powder coaters.”

Mike Chapman is known in the industry as the founder of Vulcan Catalytic Systems (now owned by Heraeus), and has been an industry leader in gas catalytic IR development over the past 35 years. WolfRayet is pleased to have Mike leading the development and implementation of this exciting industry sector.

From November, WolfRayet will showcase all three of the Galaxy lines at their Gainesville facility. Customers will be able to coat their wood-based products on the line that best suits their production requirements.