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Winstore Gives You a Return On Your Investment Within 1 Year

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The market demands a change in manufacturing processes that enables companies to accept the largest possible number of orders. This is coupled with the need to maintain high quality standards and high productivity for products manufactured with a large number of variants, with quick and defined delivery times.  Biesse responds with the high-tech RBO Winstore automated magazine for the optimized management of panels for large contract manufacturers, which guarantees production with reduced times and costs.   The Winstore at IWF will be integrated into a nested based routing and beam saw cell with a significant increase in productivity.  Thanks to the proximity and availability of the panels, it is possible to substantially increase cell productivity compared to manual loading methods using a forklift truck.

Return on investment within 1 year!

  • Production line performance increase of up to 25% when working in real time processing.
  • 35% reduction of product delivery time compared to conventional solutions.
  • 10% reduction in raw materials compared to conventional production handling methods.
  • 30% labor reduction
  • Waste reduction



SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America, a key player in decorative surface technology as part of the global SURTECO GROUP SE, today announced significant leadership changes aimed at bolstering its position in North America. Each promotion signals a strategic move toward a unified leadership structure across the company's product lines of