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Wilsonart Unveils 24 Laminate Designs to Inspire Personal Luxury

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The new patterns in shades of white and grey create the perfect canvas for custom extravagant spaces

TEMPLE, TX (May 24, 2017) – No two people have the same style and every individual defines luxury differently. Wilsonart, a world leading provider of engineered surfaces, debuts 24 decorative laminate designs that lay a canvas for individualized style to shine through. The new Curated Luxury Collection brings dreams of personally opulent spaces to life with a focus on white, grey, deep and moody stones, alongside planked woods, chic concrete and rustic metal looks. 

“Style is personal. Each homeowner’s style is influenced by the places they have been and the experiences they have lived,” said Brooke Mays, Designer at Wilsonart. “Our new Curated Luxury Collection inspires individuals to choose their own style and create unique, beautiful and highly personalized spaces that reflect what luxury means to them.”

The Collection includes both subtle and bold designs in on-trend colors. Divided into five categories – Rejuvenate, Uniquely Crafted Industrial, Artistic Experience, Simple Splendor and Creative Intrigue – each set of designs tells a story of personalized luxury.


The trend of refreshing classic styles influenced this set of designs. Each pattern is inspired by a classic Wilsonart design, with updated colors inspired by today’s trends. 

  • Cipollino Con Panna (1884K-35) – A dramatic large-scale stone look with unique veining and crystal structures in light cream and caramel tones with taupe accents.
  • Andorra Shadow (4998K-22) – A large-scale, soft grey marble with highlights in white, black, and varying grey tones.
  • Andorra Fog (4999K-22) – A large-scale, soft brown marble with highlights in almond, taupe, and chocolate.
  • Toffee di Pesco (5000K-22) – A large-scale marble in deep brown with layered accents in chocolate, cream, amber and taupe.
  • Pebble Piazza (5009-60) – Reminiscent of glazed tile or tumbled stone, layers of light beige and soft grey are accented with dark grey and off-white to create a depth and blend of color.

Uniquely Crafted Industrial

Today’s consumer is looking for atypical materials that mirror their styles and experiences. These artisan-crafted industrial looks provide a splash of personality and serve as building blocks for unique spaces.

  • Planked California Walnut (Y0465K-12) – A popular planked wood design with darker hues in brown and black with soft taupe highlights. 
  • Planked Texas Walnut (Y0466K-12) – A planked wood design in orange and honey tones in a soft grain finish.
  • Antique Bourbon Pine (8215K-12) – A wood design in red, orange and black tones with various plank widths to give the design a distressed, reclaimed wood feel.                
  • Antique Marula Pine (8216K-28) – Similar to Antique Bourbon Pine, this is a varied sized pattern planked in a cool color with elements of warm honey, sophisticated grey and taupe.
  • Potter’s Clay (5011K-22) – A modern design refined to provide the light, distressed scratching and grey color shift evident in sealed concrete.
  • Forged Steel (4995-60) – This rich, dark design has the aged and distressed look with all the character and style found in raw metal.

Artistic Experience

The use of linear movement often seen in various materials creates distinctly different and unique designs, much like a work of art. These designs vary from geometric to organic, as well as subtle to bold.

  • Ribbon Marble (1889K-07) – A delicate and feathery small-scale, linear quartzite stone look with cool white and grey influences.
  • Pearl Sequoia (5001K-07) – A large-scale Sequoia marble design in white and warm light hues with compelling linear movement.
  • Oyster Sequoia (5002K-07) – A large-scale Sequoia marble design in warm neutral and brown sand hues.
  • White Cascade (5003-38) – A linear limestone design with directional features. It has warm and cool neutrals that create an overall white feel.
  • Dusk Cascade (5004-38) – A limestone look with an overall charcoal appearance with accents of deep and soft cool greys.
  • Sierra Cascade (5005-38) – A limestone design in warm taupe with various grey hues and small hints of caramel.

Simple Splendor

It was Leonardo da Vinci who once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”  That’s exactly what these marble-inspired designs offer. Marble is a sophisticated yet familiar material that blends with the environment around it providing a rich, luxurious feel without overwhelming the space.

  • Marmo Bianco (1885K-07) – A white Torano marble design with varying sizes of grey veining and hints of warm taupe creating a chunky marble effect in shades of grey.
  • Cote d’Azur (1886K-07) – A large-scale, white Cote d’Azur marble design with thick, cool grey fractures and thin warm taupe veining.
  • Serrania (1890K-22) – This warm white Carrara marble design has intricate and subtle veining in crisp white and warm taupe.
  • Cote d’Azur Noir (5006K-07) – A large-scale black Cote d’Azur marble design with thick black fractures and thin white veining.

Creative Intrigue

Whether soft and subtle or bold and dynamic, movement adds drama and excitement to a surface. In these designs, movement blends color and soft textures to create a unique element for any space.

  • Lario (1891K-55) – A large-scale marble design, blends light tan, warm taupe and deep brown in bold movement highlighted by subtle hints of Azur.
  • Benjamin Grey (1887K-22) – A soft grey Jerusalem stone look with sophisticated movement and detail shown through subtle shifts.
  • Hebron White (1888K-22) – A soft cream Jerusalem stone look with sophisticated movement and detail shown through subtle shifts.

All the designs in the Curated Luxury Collection are available on the new Wilsonart Smart Wallboard with sample chips in large take-with sizes that are color coordinated and linked digitally to the Design Visualizer for a seamless customer experience.

For more information about Wilsonart products, visit or call 1-800-433-3222.


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