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Wilsonart Launches Playful, a Collection that Embodies a Fun-Loving Lifestyle

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New Virtual Design Library Collection Is a Fusion of Colors, Patterns and Styles

TEMPLE, TX (May 29, 2019) – Throughout 2019, Wilsonart, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of print-on-demand patterns, is bringing the design community quarterly collections of curated designs that fully embrace the concept of individualism and personalization. This year’s second Collection, Playful, is a fusion of colors and patterns that create a unique pop to any space. The Collection offers a way to customize and personalize home décor with youthful colors, lively patterns and a feeling of lightheartedness.

“The importance of play for children has been well documented,” said Andrea Flint, Sr. Product Designer at Wilsonart. “But today researchers are examining the benefits play offers to adults. They are finding that play is much more than ‘clowning around’. Play can be a great way to reduce stress and contribute to our overall well-being. How we play is as unique as our own fingerprints. It can range from collecting stamps to forming a book club or training to run a race. As designers, we challenge ourselves to create environments that encourage balance and well-being. The Playful Collection is one way we can infuse the notion of play into our environments and create a décor that makes us smile.”

The Playful Collection includes 12 new and two existing patterns that embody a fun-loving lifestyle. The Collection contains three two-toned wood-inspired patterns that offer a pop of color and five wood looks inspired by plywood, Birdseye Birch and Fumed Maple. Rounding out the Collection are two abstract designs that include a colorful dot pattern and a tonal geometric pattern. The new VDL Playful Collection is the best of clean, bright design combined with unique wood looks.

Playful also features an expansion of Wilsonart’s distinctive Spectrum series, which pairs subtle, layered designs with vibrant colors. Like the island the design is named after, Bonaire, a new Crossweave pattern adds a splash of the Caribbean blue sea. Finally, this Collection reintroduces two patterns from the current design library that also embody the essence of Playful: Marmalade, a citrusy tone on tone Crossweave and Maui Falls, a linear abstract pattern.

The Virtual Design Library is a boutique laminate solution that helps set any space apart. The new Playful Collection not only emphasizes cheerful colors and patterns along with unique and interesting woodgrains, it also pairs each design with a fitting texture that elevates the experience of interiors. From matte and silky smooth to casual rustic, texture brings enhanced authenticity to each design. See how well the new designs fit in healthcare, retail, hospitality and office settings through the Wilsonart Visualizer. The Playful Collection includes:

Bonaire – A Caribbean blue optical solid. This medium-scale pattern is created using the Crossweave pattern.

Fumed Maple – A planked large-scale wood design. Unique features run throughout the neutral smoked taupe colored design.

Interlocked Maple – A large-scale pattern with a natural maple wood design overlapped by distressed graphic interlocking squares in white.

Interlocked Mint – A medium-scale tonal graphic design. The interlocked pattern of squares are two shades of mint.

Happy Dots – A medium-scale pattern that is a white background with dots of neutrals and bright colors in a grid like pattern.

Crimini Walnut – A large-scale wood inspired design. The walnut design is full of large features in warm beige with darker brown wood graining.

Birdseye Birch – A medium-scale pattern with spalting and birdseye features throughout the design. The wood design is a warm neutral beige with darker brown features.

Grey Plywood – A large-scale plywood inspired design in a two-tone grey colorway.

Natural Plywood – A large-scale plywood inspired design in a natural untreated wood color.

Cobalt Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and cobalt blue graining.

Teal Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and teal blue-green graining.

Lime Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and a lime green graining.



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