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Connections Link 11 New Wilsonart® Laminate Patterns and

Two Innovative Textured Finishes

 Five trends lead the catalog expansion of new commercial wallboard designs

TEMPLE, TX (September 12, 2017) –“Connections” – not just of telecom, but also people, experiences and knowledge – drive the newest Wilsonart® Commercial Laminate designs launched for Fall 2017. Five trends – authentic, craft, innovation, personalization, and revival – led to development of two innovative finishes, and 11 new commercial wallboard designs that are making their way to architecture and design firm libraries now.

“The new designs and finishes foster greater connections to the elements fueling today’s market trends,” said Sally Chavez, senior designer at Wilsonart. “Trends have historically been interpreted in silos, making coordination difficult and seemingly forced. This idea of ‘connections’ being at the basis of good design allows us to create a palate that is both cohesive and distinctive at the same time. Architects and designers can leverage these to work with a trend or on their own, providing solutions for an ever-changing marketplace.”

Wilsonart continues to show leadership and innovation with two new textured finishes:  

  • Aligned Oak – HD Premium Finish (57) is the first-of-its-kind “Aligned Texture,” that synchronizes dimensional texture and printed design to give striking clarity and richness to the high pressure laminate sheet.
    • The finish offers a plain sawn structure with blends of straight grains and natural variations balanced throughout. The mix of matte and dual gloss levels in the finish, create a natural look and feel of real wood.
    • Designs featuring the Aligned Oak texture also carry AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff Resistance and silver-ion Antimicrobial Protection.
  • Leno Weave – Premium Finish (19) features random intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, creating a geometric weave with a matte-gloss mix.
    • Designs featuring Leno Weave texture carry AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistance.

Five design trends govern the new 2017 commercial wallboard designs:

Authentic is that beauty found in style and shape without needless ornamentation and void of visual excess. It connects the user to the essence or pure intention of the material.

  • Two new solid colors in a matte finish support the trend for pure solid grey, today’s hottest neutral:
    • Pewter (D73-60) – a rich solid shade of cool grey with remarkable depth and presence
    • Cement (D503-60) – a solid mid-tone cool grey color
  • This trend is also evident in Marmo Bianco (1885K-07)Ribbon Marble (1889K-07) and Potter’s Clay (5011K-22), which were launched earlier this year.

Revival connects past to future, propelling styles, materials and colors in new, unpredictable and exciting ways. 

  • Celebrating the spirit of reunification of art and labor, of artist and craftsman, these new woodgrain designs are elegant and sophisticated, featuring the new Aligned Oak texture:
    • Ashbee Oak (17000K-57) – a quiet and reserved oak design of light taupe and mocha graining that accentuates the woodgrain of the embossed and aligned texture
    • Ruskin Oak (17001K-57) – a beautiful example of an all-American oak design. The light honey color and rich, warm undertones showcase the authentic embossed and aligned texture
    • Fisher Oak (17002K-57) – a classic aged oak design with detailed graining and features that highlight the embossed and aligned texture
    • Stickley Oak (17003K-57) – a deep coffee color oak design reinforced by an authentic embossed and aligned texture, reminiscent of the Prairie style
    • Carter Oak (17004K-57) – a handsome, weathered oak design in shades of warm grey enhanced by an embossed and aligned texture
    • Morris Oak (17005K-57) – a plain sliced classic oak design in a refined ebony color and impressive embossed and aligned texture

Personalization recognizes collaborative efforts and connects customers and manufacturers while mixing color, materials and elements that allow expression of personality.

  • A monochromatic abstract design becomes a new design aesthetic through the fusion of pattern and texture. These patterns feature new Leno Weave Finish:
    • Magnolia (5012K-19) – a white neutral abstract in a soft crossweave pattern offering overall color and extraordinary dimension
    • Mushroom (5013K-19) – a heathered grey crossweave pattern of rich overall color and detailed interest
    • Battleship (5014K-19) – a cool steel grey abstract in a soft crossweave pattern offering overall color and up-close interest

Innovation is about new and inventive opportunities to connect color and materials in creative and dramatic combinations. Innovative is the only way to describe Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate with unique fingerprint resistant technology.

  • The trend comes alive in these velvety, super matte designs: Snow White Velvet (15501), Cream Velvet (15502), Silver Velvet (15503), Charcoal Velvet (15504), Black Velvet (15505)

Craft embraces connections through time and space, celebrating moments in time such as a uniquely crafted item or a life-changing experience.

For samples or more information, visit or call 1-800-433-3222 to speak to a Wilsonart representative.



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