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Wilsonart Delivers Beautiful Perspective with “Material Celebration”

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TEMPLE, TX (January 30, 2018) – As weary consumers flee from a mass-produced mentality, architects and designers embrace patterns and materials that celebrate homegrown artisans and bespoke design. Wilsonart, a world leading provider of engineered surfacing solutions, introduces “Material Celebration”, a collection of 25 new laminate designs that are inspired by the Maker Movement and the timeless beauty of wood. The new Collection is available online through the company’s Virtual Design Library.

“The Maker Movement originally emerged with the convergence of technological advances in digital manufacturing and ambitious traditional artisans,” noted Andrea Flint, Sr. Product Designer at Wilsonart. “As it evolved, Makers behind the Movement have inspired countless industries to move away from an off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all approach to an approach that individualizes products, creates them in small batches and brings them to market rapidly as new trends emerge. Our Material Celebration Collection embodies the spirit of the Maker Movement; products designed through invention, creativity and resourcefulness.”

A favorite medium in the Makers’ Movement, 11 of the 25 new patterns are wood designs, inspired by artisans who often craft with discarded wood to create unique patterns for furniture or art pieces. Designers can also choose from an impressive collection of marquetry, blocking, herringbone and modern contemporary chevrons. These large-scale patterns are powerful vertical statements; perfect for focal points and wall applications. Other materials such as lace and tweed are also in the Collection, not only for their delicate appeal, but for their natural fit with the playful woodgrains.

Each of the following 25 designs can be found in Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library, an evolving, curated collection of laminates available to ship 21 days from factory. 


  • Diagonal Rediscovered Planked

(Y0584-60). This is a large-scale rustic woodgrain.  Pieced in a diagonal pattern in a warm tan, it could be used for walls or ceilings.

  • Diagonal Amber Chestnut

(Y0588-60). Another large-scale rustic woodgrain, this design is a pieced diagonal pattern in amber brown. It is perfect for walls, ceilings or focal wall points.

  • Salvaged Herringbone

(Y0589-60). This laminate is designed with a tonal white and grey large-scale rustic Chevron pattern.

  • Barrel Herringbone

(Y0591-60). This large-scale pattern is a rustic light brown color with Oak planks that vary in size. 

  • Antique Barrel Chevron

(Y0592-60). Created from bourbon barrels, this rustic Oak is a large-scale, light brown pattern. 

  • Natural Modern Chevron

(Y0593K-12). This large-scale pattern is a pieced modern interpretation of a Chevron in bleached Ash and Maple.

  • Coffee Modern Chevron

(Y0594K-12). Another large-scale pieced modern interpretation of a Chevron, this pattern is a dark brown and bleached Ash. 

  • Ebony Modern Chevron

(Y0595K-12). This large-scale modern interpretation of a pieced Chevron pattern is designed in black and bleached Ash.

  • Blocked Bowtie

(Y0604K-16). This is a large-scale end grain pattern in a bowtie structure. The warm mid-tone brown design is full of beautiful rustic elements.

  • Cocoa Line

(Y0608-60). This rich, deep brown wood pattern has black straight graining running though the small-scale design.

  • Cocoa Marquetry

(Y0609-60). This rich dark brown wood design has been pieced together to create a geometric, marquetry design. This large-scale modern look is a companion to the Cocoa Line.

Natural rift sawn wood is an expensive and wasteful lumber product. Material Celebration offers seven rift sawn crossgrain walnut designs that not only accentuate the vertical grain, but also present a value engineered and sustainable laminate solution.

Natural Rift Sawn Wood

  • Bleached Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0596-60). This is a small-scale, clean linear rift design in a bleached Walnut color.

  • Maize Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0597-60). A small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut, this design is a warm, mid-tone brown color.

  • Fawn Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0598-60). This small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut design is a mid-tone brown color.

  • Hazel Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0599-60). This small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut design has mid-tone grey and green undertones.

  • Mineral Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0601-60). This small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut design is a dark, warm grey color.

  • Smoked Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0602-60). This small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut design is a dark grey color.

  • Umber Walnut Crossgrain

 (Y0603-60). This small-scale, clean linear rift cut Walnut design is a warm dark brown color.

Through its Understanding Wood: Sourcing Against the Grain initiative, Wilsonart educates architects and designers about wood options that are from renewable, non-endangered trees. The Material Celebration collection features two Maple and Oak designs that are perfect choices.    

Oak and Maple Woods

  • Stone Alona

 (Y0489K-12). This design is a dark, warm grey Oak with strong cathedrals in a plain sliced pattern.

  • Misty Crown

 (Y0546K-16). This pattern is a large-scale Maple wood design that is full of cathedrals and created in a warm mid-tone taupe color. 

The Collection features three textile designs, each crafted with a light-hearted essence, simple beauty and challenging construction.

Abstract Textiles

  • Newcastle High Rise

 (Y0605-60). This inline, small-scale pattern resembles edges of lace.  The linear design features taupe and purple color variations.

  • Quito High Rise

 (Y0606-60). This is a small-scale, colorful linear design that has variations of green and taupe.

  • Midnight Tweedish

 (Y0607-60). This is a small-scale, Chevron-inspired by Tweed fabric pattern. It is presented in a tonal, dark charcoal. 

Rounding out the Material Celebration Collection are two Retro-inspired designs that have moved from our wallboard into the Virtual Design Library.


  • Betty

 (Y0585-38). This is a small-to-medium scaled abstract pattern with an overlapping box and a square pattern design in fun retro color blends of teal and orange.

  • Endora

 (Y0586-38). A second small-to-medium scaled abstract pattern with an overlapping box and a square pattern design in a beautiful blend of popular pink and gold retro colors.