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Our new CNC includes everything – except a high price: $58,900

Someone DOES Build Beefy CNCs Like They Used to

By that, we mean someone still specs, designs and builds CNC routers to have the rigidity – the mass – to keep a spindle running true through wood. Shapes get made without jaggy paths, parts are cut that match the CAD drawing exactly, and fewer spindle passes may be needed to knock out parts.

The new SNX 408TG CNC router is a full 3-axis machine that comes ready to go. You only add your preferred tooling and the spoilboard. We'll throw-in on-site installation and training, a 1-year warranty, free lifetime phone support, and even a 10hp vacuum pump with piping to get you going faster and cutting longer.



Boring block

Bar Code Reader

Six Spindle Boring Block

A very handy option built right into your machine. A real productivity tool you will use all the time.
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Call Up Programs Faster

Our Windows-based control comes complete with a bar code reader to speed program loading. 
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Check What's Included

The 408TG comes ready to work with more features. There are no surprises when you buy from SNX!
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nVentor 408TG Side View






NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon announces an impressive lineup of CEUs and workshops for this year's event, with more than 50 programs featuring speakers from leading associations, universities, architecture and design firms, and top media outlets, as well as experts in workplace, sustainability, and emerging technology.