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Atlantic Machinery Corporation and Vitap S.p.A. have just released information and a video on the 2017 Point Grooving, a sister machine to the 2016 Challengers Award Finalist the Vitap Point Acoustic, the successful compact CNC machine dedicated to the execution of acoustic and sound-absorbing panels. The Acoustic drills the panels whereas the Grooving features one sleeve of blades in lieu of spindles, which are used for grooving panels rather than drilling them.

The compact Point Grooving is designed specifically for the manufacturing of acoustic/sound absorbing panels, which represents a growing segment of the wood industry. These panels address noise pollution, which many studies have confirmed to be causing a serious impact in the environment, workplaces, cinemas, theaters, as well as private residences.
Different blades can be utilized for various grooving patterns as required. Patterns can be designed and downloaded from the office computer and stored in memory or loaded directly onto the machine’s computer by the operator. Additional advantages of Point Grooving:
– Grooving from below greatly improves dust collection & removal of excess material – Compact machine only requires 40 sq. ft. of space – Noise reduction
– Greater flexibility
– Extremely fast production with very fast ROI – Affordable machine cost – Minimum equipment maintenance, electrical and pneumatic costs
To view the video of the Point Grooving, click here. To learn more about the Point Grooving or other products, call Atlantic Machinery Corporation, Vitap’s exclusive importer and distributor in North America, at 860-354-7200 x109 or go to
To learn more about VITAP products go to or



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SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

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