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Durham, NC — ShopBot Tools, one of the largest manufacturers of CNC routers in the US, has launched a rapidly growing “virtual workshop” for ShopBot customers and CNC users. While individuals, businesses, and educational institutions work to adapt to the changing environment surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, ShopBot is stepping forward to help. The Virtual ShopBot Workshop is part of a commitment that ShopBot made 24 years ago – to make CNC accessible to small and mid-sized manufacturing. Part of that commitment is expressed in the agile design and functionality of our tools; the other part in providing top tier education, training, information, and world class support.

“ShopBot is unlike any other CNC company – we build our own tools and we use our tools to make things; we use them in production, and we use them in our own home shops. We understand the applications. We appreciate concerns of new users and of experienced users. We know how to put the tools to work. The Virtual Workshop lets us share the experience and expertise of ShopBot employees who have worked with CNC technology in production as well as in their own shops.” ShopBot, COO, Jeanne Taylor, continues “We make it a point to stay engaged with our customers and if, because of the challenges in this new world, we can’t do it in person then we’ll do it online, over the phone, and via video conference platforms. If this is the new normal – we’re all in – here in the US designing, building, and helping CNC tool owners succeed in this new future.”

From the ShopBot website, the Virtual ShopBot Workshop provides at-a-glance links to live demos and recorded trainings. Viewers can also virtually tour production sites and workshops, which include both new and old tools in use, even a 20+ year-old ShopBot still at work. 

ShopBot engineers host live demos and trainings at least two times per week. Participants may IM chat with the trainer during the training and ask questions at the end in an interactive forum. These trainings are then recorded and curated on ShopBot’s website for at-a-glance reference. Ryan Patterson, a product engineer at ShopBot, adds, “We enjoy being able to share tips and techniques live, and sometimes even our own mishaps, with our customers. It’s important to us that they continue to maximize their skills and use of our tools.” 

The Virtual ShopBot Workshop recently launched the entertaining ‘Stuart & Bill Show’ which gives the viewer an opportunity to sit back and enjoy conversations and project discussions between two long-time woodworkers and friends: Stuart Kent, founder and owner of the North Carolina Furniture School in Farmville, NC and ShopBot’s Bill Young, boat builder, maker, and problem-solver. Jen Nix, ShopBot’s Marketing Manager says “We’re excited to see where Stuart and Bill take the show as it continues to move forward! They cover a wide variety of content of interest to CNC enthusiasts, no matter where they are in their CNC journey – recent topics have ranged from techniques for vacuum hold down to creating furniture that is longer than the bed of the tool.”

Visit and share: to access the actively growing list of online content related to CNC during this time of stay-at-home and social distancing restrictions across the US. With questions or to request additional information please reach out to


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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