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Uniboard, Canada’s largest producer of biocomposites and decorative surfaces for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, is proud to announce a $250 million investment in the construction of a new state-of-the-art particleboard press at its Val-d’Or plant. The new continuous press will be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies for the production of particleboard. Construction work begins in the summer of 2022 and the commissioning of the new press is scheduled for early 2025. Once the work is completed, the plant will employ about 190 people.

“This investment, which is the third phase of the Val-d’Or investment plan, confirms Uniboard’s leadership position in the North American engineered wood products market and its commitment to its valued customers and employees,” said Lionel Dubrofsky, Chairman of Uniboard’s Board of Directors. “When the work is completed, we will have invested more than $350 million in the Val-d’Or plant, as part of a three-phase investment process, making it the most modern particleboard plant in North America and positioning Uniboard as one of TFL’s leading integrated producers, particleboard and MDF. The Val-d’Or plant is renowned for its use of black spruce fibers, making its particleboard unparalleled in the North American market.”

As Quebec’s largest manufacturer of composite wood panels and decorative solutions, Uniboard is a major player in the forest value chain.

“Today’s announcement represents an important milestone for Uniboard and its entire team,” said James Hogg, President and CEO of Uniboard. “This investment, which builds on a 45-year success in Val-d’Or, will play an important role in strengthening relationships with existing customers, recruiting new customers and developing new markets and business opportunities. It will help expand our product offering and increase their availability, which will allow Uniboard to consolidate its position as the supplier of choice.”

In addition to having the latest particleboard production technology, the Val-d’Or plant will have a negative carbon footprint thanks to carbon sequestration in sustainable products and low-carbon production. In addition, Uniboard will enter the thin panel market, a biocomposite that is in high demand in the North American market.

The geographical position of the Val-d’Or plant allows Uniboard to serve the main markets of Quebec, Canada, and the United States by truck and train. In addition to its ability to produce value-added TFL products, the Val-d’Or plant also leverages its Unires resin plant, located in the same location, making it one of the most integrated production sites in North America.

Uniboard thanks the governments of Quebec and Canada and their organizations, as well as the City of Val-d’Or for their collaboration in carrying out this project.


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