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Trimaco, Full Circle, Inpro & Variable, Inc. this year’s honorees

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CLEVELAND (Feb. 11, 2019) – Sherwin-Williams has announced the winners of its 2018 Vendors of the Year and Vendor Product of the Year awards. The awards celebration, which was held in Orlando, Florida, last month, honored dedicated Sherwin-Williams vendors who deliver innovative products and creative solutions.

“These awards are one way we recognize our dedicated partners for their incredible contributions to Sherwin-Williams success,” said Tracey Gairing, vice president of marketing and procurement, Sherwin-Williams. “Congratulations to this year’s winners for all their hard work over the past year and thank you for helping Sherwin-Williams continue to provide the best tools and products to our valued customers.”

2018 Vendors of the Year

The Sherwin-Williams Vendor Awards recognize partners that develop outstanding products focused on quality and value and that are committed to providing exceptional service to Sherwin-Williams stores and distribution centers.

Trimaco: A long-term supplier and a four-time recipient of our Vendor of the Year Award, Trimaco is a consistent, dedicated partner to Sherwin-Williams. The company’s strong field sales organization supports Sherwin-Williams representatives with products focused on disaster restoration, new construction and more. Trimaco’s product-training-based approach helps Sherwin-Williams employees succeed and lays the foundation for future growth.

Full Circle: A first-time recipient of the Vendor of the Year award, Full Circle provides a wide range of products that help drive the entire drywall tools category. The company’s solutions for preparing drywall for painting have reinvigorated a category that lacked recent innovation.

Inpro: Winning the award for a second time, Inpro is a dedicated partner that provides a wide range of products for the growing commercial wall protection market. The company’s work supports

Sherwin-Williams health care segment representatives and ensures customers have the right products for their needs.

2018 Vendor Product of the Year

The Sherwin-Williams Vendor Product of the Year Award recognizes a new innovative product or product line, often exclusive to Sherwin-Williams, that engages customers, generates excitement in Sherwin-Williams stores and increases incremental sales.

Variable’s ColorSnapâ Match: Variable Inc. is a first-time Vendor Product of the Year award-winner. The company’s innovative ColorSnap Match device allows both professionals and consumers to quickly and accurately match colors they see on a day-to-day basis with colors from the Sherwin-Williams library. The device pairs with the free ColorSnap Match app, also developed by Variable Inc., which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

“Their efforts to bring accurate, affordable color-matching technology to consumers is commendable,” said Gairing. “They continue to innovate and we look forward to seeing what comes next.”


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