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Threespine® click furniture technology by Välinge wins interzum award "Best of the best”

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During the official award ceremony on Monday evening, May 20, in Cologne, Välinge received the interzum award ”Best of the best” for its Threespine® click furniture technology.

The winners of the interzum award were selected by a jury of experts for being the best products in the international furniture supplier industry. One of the jury members, Martin Beech, expressed his excitement after reviewing Threespine during the winner-selection process.

“After hearing the click and seeing the perfect connection, I thought to myself: wow that’s precision”.

The design award was hosted in collaboration with Red Dot and emphasized the significance of design as a value-added factor. Receiving the interzum award, gives the winners a reliable label that sets themselves apart from their competitors.

”Obviously, winning this award is an honor and it is the result of all the hard work we have put into optimizing our technology. Threespine is a unique technology in that it both provides easy assembly, completely free from fittings, as well as new design possibilities such as using thinner panels. We are confident that Threespine will have a big impact on the furniture industry and winning this award is one step on the way”, says Välinge Director Furniture Technology, Hans Brännström.