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The Schattdecor Group acquires Vasatech Sdn Bhd, Bestari Jaya, SGR (MY)

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The Schattdecor Group is pleased to announce that it has finalized the purchase of Vasatech Sdn Bhd, an impregnation company with two production lines. Schattdecor has purchased 100% of the shares of Vasatech Sdn Bhd from Vasa Group and has completed ownership of the company.

Founded in 1996, Vasatech specializes in the production of melamine treated decorative films for the wood panel lamination industry. In the Asia-Pacific region, the company is known for its high-quality impregnated films.

With this acquisition, the Schattdecor Group expands its production activities in Malaysia. Even though it is the group's first step into industrial production for this region, Schattdecor is by no means a stranger to the markets of this area. Schattdecor Singapore Managing Director, Mark Corera, has been growing the South East Asian Market since 2000. He has done so from the beginning with the solid support of the Schattdecor European facilities, Schattdecor Shanghai and Kingdecor, making this a very cultivated team effort.

Encouraged by its organic growth within the region and the desire to increase service and customer proximity to the next level, Schattdecor has made sure that these positive developments will be sustained by offering customers different solutions and products. Instead of only being able to supply printed decor paper and uni-colored paper, the Schattdecor Group will now be able to provide impregnated solutions for its customer base in Southeast Asia and the rest of the region. The aforementioned expansive range of solutions will include overlays, backing papers and melamine treated decorative surfaces, ideal for the dynamic business landscape in the furniture and wood based materials industry. This strategic acquisition is in alignment with Schattdecor's growing portfolio of providing various surface solutions, taking one step forward in affirming its slogan, "One Source, Unlimited Solutions."



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