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The IWF 2018 Digital Print Symposium – Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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Decorative surfaces have long been a staple of the woodworking industry. They provide a cost-effective alternative to natural surfaces, and in many cases, provide a superior and durable surface in a range of applications from kitchen & bath, furniture, and architectural elements. Typically achieving quality décor layer relayed on traditional printing technologies. These enabled high volume manufacturing a low cost per unit. Advancements in digital printing for décor paper, as well as direct surface printing, are now allowing for many improvements to the supply chain, productivity, and customization in order to meet customer needs for short- as well as long-run production.

The Digital Print Symposium is aimed at providing an educational platform for IWF attendees that are involved in the design, specification, and production of both laminates and direct decorated surfaces. The symposium will focus on digital printing opportunities available, as well as introduce attendees to leading manufacturers in the digital arena that provide printing, advances in software, and inspection technologies.

Your participation as a sponsor will go a long way in promoting innovation, thought leadership and the use of digital printing technologies. The symposium has a rich program that will allow your company to highlight the benefits of digital printing, promote it to your prospects and customers and actively take part in presentation and panels.

Register to attend the IWF 2018 Digital Print Symposium here. For more information about sponsoring the event, contact Ryan Wager.

Space is limited, act now!