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Surface Design Guide


Each year, Surface & Panel magazine asks the industry’s leading decorative surfacing companies to share their latest designs and material advances. The resulting Surface Design Guide is a showcase of the trends and technologies that are shaping the marketplace. Beyond beautiful, this guide is intended to inspire specifiers and fabricators alike to understand what resources are available to create the best possible solutions.



Arborite's Collection includes an exquisite range of on-trend colors and timeless textures that are suitable surfacing materials for commercial, residential, and institutional settings: warm wood grains that have been scaled up to reveal fine details; illustrative patterns in lively primary colors; and of course, no collection is complete without shades of gray that offer a neutral backdrop to make furnishings and accessories stand out!


OMNOVA Solutions

Matte finishes are one of today’s hottest trends
for a broad range of contemporary interiors. With nothing to
distract, the matte surface acts as a grounding factor to the glitz of a retail boutique or to the bright lights in today’s modern kitchen. The trend-setting Matte Collection provides the ultimate style juxtaposition, as the modern matte surfaces contrast perfectly with chrome, glass and polished surfaces. Eliminating reflection brings focus to the color and quality of the laminated element and, in retail, the displayed products. Like all OMNOVA surf(x) 3D Laminates, the Matte Collection features dimensional flexibility, stain resistance and durability.



Premeer®, Interprint’s oriented polypropylene-based decorative overlay, can now be produced with a three-dimensional texture. Introduced at the IWF 2014 show, Premeer custom texture patterns can be combined in-register with on-trend printed patterns and solid colors such as ‘Forget-Me-Not’ blue or the khaki-inspired ‘Hay’, or as a random enhancement. Textured patterns can scale large and graphical, like ‘Dragon,’ or subtler, like an oak tick. With its superior wear-resistance, moisture holdout and environmentally friendly characteristics, manufacturers of shelving, cabinetry and furniture have turned to Premeer to protect their board. Now Interprint combines that high performance with on-trend custom textures.


Tafisa Canada Inc.

Introducing Origen, a brand new texture and genuine tactile surface for decorative panels.  Available in 14 colors including eight beautiful woodgrains and six modern solids, Origen is yet another design innovation developed by Tafisa.  This new collection is part of the mix and match concept introduced by Tafisa and comes with a complete range of complementary products – HPL, edgebanding, mouldings and thermovinyl. Tafisa decorative panels are manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials, saving millions of trees every year.


Abet Laminati

Abet Laminati’s Parade Collection of colorful and invigorating laminates designed by Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti is now available in the United States. Parade’s fanfare is found in its bold digital design, durability and easy maintenance. Three patterns available in three color variations adapted from freehand drawings, illustrate the organic side of Giulio Iacchetti’s famous industrial designs:

The Derby pattern’s short, effortless pencil strokes simulate a luxurious lawn in green, or a burst of color in red and yellow. The Sei finish is perfect for horizontal and vertical applications.

The Tar-Tan décor has lines of varying color and thicknesses intersecting at ninety degree angles, creating a pattern vaguely related to classic Scottish textile design. Tar-Tan is available in gray with multiple colors in a gloss finish.

The Ya-Yoi polka dot pattern brings a chromatic duality to life by applying drops of different colored ink on top of each other. Available in red/blue, blue/green, and green/pink, its Sei finish is perfect for horizontal and vertical applications.


Northern Contours

INSPIRED by Northern Contours is driven by the desire for elevated spaces that exude style, detail and innovation. The INSPIRED platform is perfect for those seeking products of the highest quality that are at the forefront of current and emerging design trends. The offering features textured, grain matched, and sketch face wood veneer, sleek glass doors, aluminum frames with a stunning array of designer glass inserts and so much more. With INSPIRED by Northern Contours, finely crafted products await creative ideas.


Surface Source International

Copernicus Oak Light is a modern oak design with incredible print fidelity. Its low-gloss super matte surface completes the life-like 3D laminate characteristics. Copernicus Oak is a great choice for residential and commercial cabinetry as well as fixtures and displays. Copernicus Oak is produced by, Klöckner Pentaplast, and is part of the Pentadecor 3D laminate film product line. It is available from stock at SSI North America.


Treefrog Veneer

Treefrog introduces Treefrog Press, a new collection of seven prefinished wood veneer laminates with deep textures that emulate the look and feel of barn board and worn flooring. Available now in 4 x 8 foot sheets, Treefrog Press features lighter wood species like Ash, Walnut and White Oak, which are becoming more popular now, as well as standbys like Wengé and Black Oak. Treefrog Press has a light melamine coating and with its deep grooves, is ideal for vertical and light duty horizontal installations.



CARVART presents glass markerboards as the perfect way to reflect an individual's work. Glass markerboards can be incorporated into a wide range of interior projects in the workspace such as meeting, conference rooms, offices or any space where employees gather for presentations. These freestanding surface mounted writable glass surfaces are available as magnetic or non-magnetic and are easy to maintain. The washable surface is available in white and a variety of standard colors as well as custom colors. CARVART glass markerboards are offered in four standard sizes: 3'x3', 4'x4', 6'x4', and 8'x4', custom sizes and configurations are also available.



The HI-MACS® Sparkle Collection is the work of gifted designer Karim Rashid. Strong and vibrant tones and a distinctive glittering effect like a distant galaxy are the unique hallmarks of the new colors, which will give designers new dimensions with which to imagine and work.Some of the Sparkle colors are bold – such as Key Lime and Kandy Pink. More muted hues like Kreemy Grey, Kold Silver and the instantly
popular Kanada Violet offer a design juxtaposition that allows designers to mix and contrast colors within  a single work, as HI-MACS® can be invisibly joined. The material’s outstanding properties and easy fabrication allow the most audacious creations. 


Panolam Surface Systems

Panolam® Surface Systems presents The Barista Collection by Nevamar®, the company’s recently launched line of technically innovative high pressure laminate (HPL) products. Comprised of sixteen new elegantly neutral wood grains and abstract visuals, The Barista Collection is designed to facilitate harmony and compatibility among all finishes and furnishings in a wide range of interior environments.

Panolam’s Senior Director of Design & Communications, Debbie Sulewski explains, “Throughout history, many creative ideas have influenced progress and driven change. These ideas have often begun in the urban coffeehouse environment and served as a backdrop to collaborative thought remixed into great ideas. Likewise, we believe The Barista Collection sets the stage for colors, textures and shapes to work together to create stunning interior environments. Also, the Barista Collection is about serving our client base from designer to end-user and broadening our communication platform.”



Art, architecture, science, industry, nature, interior design, fashion, Arclin turns to a myriad of sources for inspiration for its more than 150 TFL designs: from wood grains — pines, cherries maples and exotics — to textures, solids and more. The company’s innovative technologies and manufacturing processes make Arclin TFL ideal for particleboard, MDF and specialty plywood substrates, and can be customized to meet design needs and manufacturing criteria. Arclin’s E-Gen®-designated TFL are available with GREENGUARDSM certification and may contribute to LEED credits for improved air quality.



Virtual Design Library

Reach beyond the wallboard with Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library. From photorealistic imagery to abstract and artistic graphics, the online Virtual Design Library offers a growing selection of exclusive patterns to fit your needs. Beginning with a 20-design Folk Art-inspired launch, the VDL collection will celebrate a variety of styles for a variety of design preferences including Retro, Geometrics, Woodgrains, Nature, Delectable, Off-the-Wall, Sports, Study Hall and Youthful. Think Folk Art with sophistication, Alexander Girard with an innovative twist, mid-century modern or a spin on ‘60s and ‘70s style. When it comes to where to use this new and exciting variety of Wilsonart® Laminate designs, the possibilities are endless.



Toppan Interamerica’s textured prints combine the authentic look of handcrafted materials with the durability of laminates. The dimension of the texture is synchronized with the high-quality pattern to create a realistic design that captures the intrinsic beauty of woods, stones and textiles alike.

Toppan’s Lintel Oak and Herringbone paper designs illustrate the character of reclaimed materials and tactile finishes that are becoming so popular in global environments.



UVMax® Solid Surface powder coated finish for MDF gives the look of real solid surface materials without the cost. This multi-component finish adds lots of dimension and depth and is perfect for retail store fixtures, POP displays, kiosks, healthcare, education & office furniture and architectural industries.

The products use 100% recycled, SFI-certified CARB compliant MDF. UVMax® UV-cured powder coatings contain no solvents or VOCs. Fast UV finishing process takes just 20 minutes from raw MDF to ready-to-ship part.

UVMax® Solid Surface is available in Lavastone, Desert Stone, Sandstone, Greystone, Grey Frost and Midnight Blue. Custom color matching is available.



Uniboard previews its newest TFL color offering. The Collection, featuring exciting and fresh color trends was developed with the Aura, Brushed Elm and RIO® finishes in mind. Uniboard introduces Blackwood, Cocoa Bean, Ginger Root, Tundra, Driftwood, and Memento. These unique, stylish and innovative new colors will bring a breath of fresh air to every creation and design. By discovering Uniboard’s newest thermofused laminate collection, you will never look at TFL the same way again!



Edgewood, KML’s latest designer finish, delivers the look and feel of natural wood grain, but with superior durability and consistency. Through Edgewood, designers can now specify exotic materials for large project with much greater color consistency, fade resistance, and an authentic tactile experience without using exotic natural resources.

With eight unique designer finishes, over 70 stock colors (and more than 800 specialty colors), four substrate options, two lamination processes, and a component department that offers cut-to-size boards up to 11 feet long, KML allows designers to “go wild” with unprecedented customization.



Shabby’s white-varnished wood planks have been intensively used. Hence the original wood handling marks are clearly visible, together with new signs of wear and tear. The predominant part of the decor remains monochrome, an interesting possibility for white or colored designs.



Wilsonart Solid Surface

The trend that inspires the seven smooth and subdued designs that make up the new collection is Heritage, the visual representation of celebrating our roots, with a touch of modern. Heritage is a combination of:

Industrial Chic – This trend is expressed most often through exposed ductwork and pipes, original windows and brick. Metal, concrete, brick and glass are many of the surface choices.

Rustic Glam – This playful juxtaposition of distressed surfaces and glittery details is a layering of elements and influences that are distinctly modern.

What’s Old is New Again – Not only are iconic pieces being reissued in new ways, but many salvaged materials are being reused, allowing for the reintroduction of classic designs in strikingly 21st century interpretations.

Aragon Oak is full of character and has a high recognition value. The powerful, rough and rustic structure places striking highlights. Brushed surfaces with a 3-dimensional effect are state-of-the-art and the whitewashed pore emphasizes the lively interaction of the shapes.

Drain Ash attracts attention. This ash is extremely special. When coming along as an allover, it creates generous flooring surfaces. However, the big distinctive cathedrals with the expressive white pore also appear very attractive on furniture.



Embossing in-register (EIR) designs are a major trend nowadays, although Lamigraf has been developing EIR designs for more than 15 years and was the Décor Printer who devised the Synchro-wood process, presented to the market in 2007, with worldwide process patented and registered as trademark in 2008.

By means of Synchro-wood®, manufacturers are able to produce various wood decorative designs using a single press-plate with a pore structure matching this group of decors. It has proved to be an ideal solution, enabling producers to offer decorative designs with optical and tactile characteristics of equally high quality with a cost-saving valued added.



Palladium® Square Edge Wall Panel System

Building interiors take a lot of abuse; it is a difficult balance to design them with materials that give both the desired look and needed protection. Palladium® Wall Panels were obsessively engineered with edge-protectant technology and a Class A Fire Rating to bring lasting beauty to even the harshest environments. The System features: Wall Panels, Top Caps, Inside/Outside Corner Trim Pieces, Divider Bar, and optional Fabric Panels and White Board Panels. Faux-wood Panels are available in select standard colors and all Woodland and Element patterns.


JB Cutting

Integrate 3DL seamlessly into any design project. JB Cutting, Inc. is a full service manufacturer of three-dimensional laminate (thermofoil) components. The company specializes in made-to-order finished MDF-core components that are complimentary to store fixtures, healthcare furnishing environments, residential kitchen and bath, and custom closet systems. JB Cutting is primarily a wood fabricating operation with CNC, edge banding, thermoforming and panel processing capability. JBC recently added miter folding capabilities, allowing the creation of seamless edges and increasing the strength and beauty of many projects. New for 2014/2015: Complex Solids Color Series.


Surteco North America »

Complete design and surface solutions, productive international cooperation and dynamic development of decors. These are some of the exciting new trends at Surteco North America!

With a vast range of surfacing options, the company offers synchronized design and production of all surface laminates for panel based furniture – from surface décor papers and foils to edge treatments. For furniture and flooring customers, new design libraries for 2015 are currently being launched.

And by unifying the design resources of the entire Surteco Group – Europe and North America – customers will benefit by having designs from four sources at their fingertips!



Olon recently added two new surface finishes – Vista and Rivera – to their NEXGEN™ Laminate offering. Now with over 200 color and texture matches to North American TFL, Olon’s design portfolio is second-to-none.

Olon’s NEXGEN™ 5 piece door mouldings are available in over 70 profile styles with a full selection of matching co-products including: accessory mouldings, edgebanding and LINK25 – a resurfacing laminate.

NEXGEN™ laminates are specially engineered to be stain, fade, heat and scratch resistant.  They offer durability, anti-microbial protection and color consistency that allows for future project updates or door replacements that will always perfectly match.



Lamitech’s latest collection includes six woodgrains, ranging from the natural and timeless to the latest rustic chic trend, with warm reclaimed woods and three-dimensional textures that show the great imperfection of nature where knots, cathedrals and a distressed look stand out to become main characters. Designs focused on the richness of the materials.

Seven solid colors, an eclectic design, one new concrete and three new expressive finishes that convey feelings of liveliness and naturalness to our designs. Lamitech opens a space where the visual and tactile senses get freely combined, creating a very rich and harmonic game.



Riken provides high-quality 3D Laminates (thermofoil) for both residential and commercial interior applications such as kitchen cabinet & closet doors, store fixtures, and office furniture. The 3D Laminate Collection offers extensive colors and patterns including wood grains in high gloss, satin, and matte finishes. This fall, the new SUPERMATTE Collection was introduced to the market with 4 colors. It is silky and smooth, yet provides superior stain and scratch resistance.


Flakeboard TFL from ARAUCO

The Worn Oak Series adds a vintage look to the Flakeboard TFL Design Collection.

Born from a growing interest in repurposed wood, the new Worn Oak Series creates an antiquated look, answering the latest vintage-design trends. This series, in three very distinct colors, looks both reclaimed and refined. The natural characteristics of the wood are
highlighted when combined with the Medina or Sawcut texture – it’s a great choice for commercial and residential applications.

Also filling out the new Accentz Series: Charcoal, Storm and Fudge, developed as design accents but certainly viable on their own, this is a neutral palette of solid colors that complements many woodgrain designs.


ATI Decorative Laminates

ATI Decorative Laminates submits their newest MirroFlex Patterns (left to right): Tetrus, Morocco, Herringbone and Marquis. These modern, three-dimensional patterns join the company’s most enduring product line. The decorative, thermoplastic panels have high-impact, chemical, abrasion, stain and fire-resistant properties. Available as panels, wainscoting or backsplashes.




Dackor 3D Laminates recently introduced “Rock Concrete” as a new U.S. stock design. The company continues to push the limits of what’s possible in 3D laminates. With an offering of over 150 designs in stock at our Orlando, Fla. location, Dackor is a “go to” solution for U.S. customers who demand greater variety of in-stock 3D laminate designs and textures.


Stevens Industries

The Legno Collection from StevensWood offers true wood patterns characteristic of wood species, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo. Intricately synchronized texture matched to grain, with a varied color palette in each species, enables Legno panel products to perfectly fit any design need. Innovative technology, coupled with the latest wood trends for furniture, wall systems and accents, presents cutting-edge choices for the design community. Designers have flexibility to create the look and feel from contemporary rustics to sleekly-modern layouts. Standard 100% recycled core-material, at budget-friendly price points. Made in the U.S.A.


Holz In Form

Born of the tradition of age-old craftsmanship, “Spalt” takes structure to the next generation in an extraordinary way. The superb precision of the structure and the depth of the surface lend it a sculptural presence that is truly unique. The interplay of light and shadow along with the refined texture of the surface emphasize this effect and impart an unrivalled authenticity to the structure. A top layer comprised of 9-ply veneer above a multilayered core creates an exceptionally authentic material.

The standard panel is perfect for wall cladding or furniture frontals. It can easily be used to create fiddleback patterns, which further enhance his effect. The panel structure is available in seven real wood veneer finishes.


Synergy Thermal Foils

Synergy Thermal Foils’ main goal is to continue the very successful “Florida” model of making vinyl films to match the TFL designs stocked by distributors. All of STF’s stock colors have a matching TFL, which typically means that matching HPL and edgebanding are also available. The focus remains the same, creating matches across materials for easy design and specification.



With a collection of the most specified designs and colors in the industry,
Roseburg has recently expanded its already substantial production capacities to better serve the market. From production facilities and forests positioned nationally, the Duramine® line of TFL products can be specified with the confidence that they will be available at your local supplier.

The ESP Best Sellers Collection starts with white & black and contains a total of 8 colors, 22 versatile wood grains, has 3 texture and 4 core options. For more customized projects, Roseburg’s Synergy Partners Collection contains hundreds of designs (special order).


Renolit »

RENOLIT WOODSTOCK DESIGN Ocean Drive is a decorative surface for interior use and is now available at American RENOLIT. It is a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) coated with a polyolefin-based film and is available in White, Black, and Paintable White.

The heavy texture of Ocean Drive eliminates the need for routing MDF boards, saving time and energy as well as opening new design pathways for furniture, store fixtures, and wall panels. The felt backing enables it to be used with various bonding systems.


Móz »

The Móz Designs Engravings Collection of metal surfacing materials now features a wide array of etched patterns and earth-toned colors.

Patterns are engraved directly into the surface of Móz solid core aluminum, creating a multi-dimensional effect. Themes include tech-inspired Circuit, Cubes, Current, Dash, Mason, Matrix, Crossroads and Strings.

A wide choice of Móz grains provides a background texture, such as Linen, Clouds, Ripples and more. Colors that coordinate with an installation’s design narrative are then applied.

Engravings can be utilized in interior or exterior installations, including walls, door skins,
bar dies, reception centers, column covers and other decorative surfaces.



As tough as it is beautiful, Formica® Solid Surface shapes itself to virtually any design concept, offering a palette of modern colors for any space. Simplistic, stylish and clean, the Blanco Terrazzo pattern is the perfect selection for kitchens, desktops, reception desks … the possibilities are endless.



Senosan AM1800TopX multi-layer sheet of ABS and PMMA, the first coated, high scratch-resistant, high-gloss acrylic in the furniture industry is a success, and Senosan keeps bringing innovations to the market.

A new Senosan AM1800TopX 2mm thick material will be available in North America starting in 2015. This product will provide a unique depth comparable to glass, but will keep the furniture surface properties (easy to machine, edge-band, etc.). First available will be white and beige, with new colors beig incorporated throughout the year.



Greenlam UNICORE opens up a world of thorough-color laminates discarding dark edges. Specifically crafted for interior design projects and furniture, UNICORE is the result of an undying passion for craft, technology and art. These laminates are perfect for edging out a uniform and seamless finish. Made with only decorative paper, UNICORE – available in solid colors, suede and glossy finishes – enhances the décor aesthetic. The material is a great specification for cabinets, residential and commercial countertops, shelves, doors, exhibits, signage, high-end furniture and more.



The idea of living naturally seems to resonate with more and more people these days. Shopping organically, participating in the raw food movement, or living Wabi Sabi have become basic instincts. People are eliminating the unnecessary and utilizing what is absolutely vital – The Raw Essentials.

Colors found in nature provide a simple aesthetic that seem to be a fundamental part of design these days. Schattdecor Designer, Mark Smith, has a new palette of woodgrain colors that takes inspiration from the inherent colors of nature, The Raw Essentials – stones, grains, succulents, eggs, etc.


EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) marks its 30th anniversary this year and has emerged as the voice of the laminate flooring industry in Europe and beyond. "In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable progress EPLF has made over the years," said Max

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