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Flexcut: incomparable cutting flexibility and productivity even on gabbiani p/pt range

Device consisting of a mobile gripper unit totally independent from the main pusher which enables a simultaneous execution of differentiated cross and rip cuts, cross cuts on side-by-side bars.

Effective panels movement with the use of the “double fingerclamp.

Simultaneous execution of two-differentiated cuts:

  • Cross and rip cuts
  • Cross cuts on side-by-side bars
  • Cross cut during the platform loading (if included) and a following longitudinal cut


  • 1 “double finger” clamp (mobile unit) with independent stroke on the entire machine depth, sliding on prismatic guide with recirculating balls screw positioned under the shoulder
  • 3 “double finger” clamps with pneumatic exclusion (on main pusher)
  • 4 fixed standard clamps with single finger (on main pusher)
  • Brushless motors for movement (100 m/min max speed in return phase)

Drastic cycle time reduction and better grip of the piece by means of the powered side alignment device.

Increasing of productivity up to 30% and space saving up to 20% owing to simultaneous execution of both rip and cross cuts.

3D simulation of cutting patterns with the new Maestro Cut software!