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SCM Group's 2016 year-end statement to total nearly 600 million

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Revenue growth, investments in Italy and in leading world markets, major product innovations. Andrea Aureli, the SCM Group CEO, sums up the fiscal year just ended

Growth over 2015, with estimated revenue of nearly 600 million Euro, many innovations in the fields of human resources, production and global presence. These are the figures that summarize a successful year for SCM Group, a world leading producer of industrial machinery and components and an undisputed market leader in the production machinery used for processing wood, aluminium, composites, plastics, metal, marble and glass; as well as in the fields of advanced components, iron casting, metal structures, electric panels, electric spindles and technological components.
"We can safely say that 2016 was a very successful year," says Andrea Aureli, SCM Group CEO, "and the estimated year-end statement confirms this. We have seen a significant increase in revenues and expect to close the year 2016 with a total of nearly 600 million Euro, of which over 400 million in the wood industry. A growth that is greater than that of the market in general and a confirmation of the quality of investments we have made in various regions of the world and in Italy. Without ever losing sight of the two key elements that have enabled us to achieve these excellent results: innovation and new talent".

SCM's success is based on the Group's great commitment to all the key markets where it operates, offering an excellent example of how an Italian company can succeed in the world. Outside of Italy, where revenues doubled this year, SCM Group has continued to invest in expanding and consolidating its international presence. The U.S.A. and Europe remain important markets, where we have seen considerable growth, specifically in modular cells and complete industrial systems..

Innovation has been one of SCM's main pillars of business in 2016. It is a cornerstone of our corporate mission which the Group has always pursued with large investments in R&D and which this year included important programs, including the European “Close to the Customer” project, through which the company introduced the new concept of Furniture on Demand. A real revolution in the furniture industry that seized on a new business opportunity when SCM set up in April a pilot installation at the Brianza Shopping Centre (MI): an actual mini-factory that offered "live" furniture production for shopping centre customers who could thus order customised furniture by choosing sizes and colours using a simple and easy-to-use interface.
SCM Group has also introduced numerous new products for the various industries it operates in, confirming the company's leadership and illustrating how its technological products help its customers excel in their work for top-ranking global brands, as was the case this year for a major high-tech brand headquartered in the United States. Produced using SCM Group technologies, the company now enjoys a futuristic complex furnished with sound-absorbing panels, wooden walls and gigantic windows.
What is common to all SCM Group innovations is the EASY & RESPONSIVE approach, a concept that illustrates the company's commitment to production solutions for Industry 4.0 scenarios: integrated and smart solutions that can combine an ability to reconfigure production flows in order to meet consumers' requests for customized end products with advanced system monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency.

The second cornerstone of SCM Group's activities in 2016 was our great interest in young recruits, illustrated by our launching an employer branding campaign entitled "We Want to Be Hired by You" during the month of October, aiming to attract talents from leading universities. Today the Group has 3,300 employees worldwide, with some 200 added in the course of 2016.
“A company is successful when people, more than mere numbers, carry on its winning history. SCM Group has been operating for 65 years in the international market, producing culture and not just machines. A solid group which views people as one of the key factors of its success", says Andrea Aureli. "Investing in human
capital and in new talent means investing in the future, and I am confident that our efforts in this direction will allow us to continue to lead the development of this industry for a long time to come."