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Schattdecor continues to invest in the development of its international locations

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Thansau (5/15/2017) – By the end of 2018 Schattdecor will invest about 120 million Euros in the development of its current locations. With this, Schattdecor is implementing the largest investment program in the company’s history. Particularly noteworthy is the involvement with the impregnation company, Saintdecor, in Wuhan, China, which will expand the capacity of impregnation currently being done at the sites in Italy, Russia and Brazil. With this investment, Schattdecor is preparing itself, globally, for the future.

Currently, Schattdecor is producing at 14 locations in nine countries and has a total of 12 impregnation channels, 7 lacquering channels, 35 printing machines, one single-pass digital printer and 12 lab printing machines. In 2017 the company will invest further in their print and impregnation activities as well as in surface refinement and trendsetting technologies.

In the area of printing (printed Surfaces by Schattdecor), Schattdecor US will add a new rotogravure printing press by the end of the year. An additional rotogravure printing press will be installed in the first quarter of 2018 at the location in Turkey in order to meet the market growth forecast in that region. Beyond that, Schattdecor is reacting to the market dynamics in China and will add two rotogravure printing presses in Shanghai in the fall of 2017. Another printing production location in Quzhou is planned for the beginning of 2019. Also at Kingdecor in Quzhou a new paper machine will be installed in the third quarter of 2018.

In the area of impregnation (impregnated Surfaces by Schattdecor), the investment in the Chinese impregnation location, Saintdecor, in Wuhan is especially noteworthy. Schattdecor took over 50% of the company after the joint venture contract at the end of March 2017. Production is scheduled to start in mid-2017 with two impregnation lines and one resin kitchen. “To offer the customers in China better service, Schattdecor AG decided to invest in a new impregnation plant called Saintdecor. These strategic measures take into account the importance of the market growth in China, as well as securing supplies to Chinese customers,” said Ulrich Ringelberg, Chairman of Sales International.

Furthermore, investments are being made in Italy, Brazil and Russia. First of all, in Rosate, Italy, one more impregnation channel is being added to the four existing lines. There is also an option for a sixth channel. Production on the new line is set to begin in mid-2018. “The impregnation activities in Rosate have experienced strong growth in recent years. Since 2011, two new impregnation machines have been put into operation. At present, we produce on all four exiting impregnation machines 24/7,” explained Marco Aquino, General Director of Schattdecor Italy. A new production area with warehouse, resin kitchen and other infrastructure, totaling 10,700 m², will also be built at the Tschechov facility in Russia. Upon completion a new impregnation line will be put into operation in mid-2018. “The Russian wood-based materials industry is highly competitive and will continue to be very interesting. Schattdecor is once again showing with this investment that we believe in our customers and that they can count on Schattdecor as a reliable supplier in Russia,” mentioned Jens Palmen, General Director of Schattdecor in Russia. In Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Brazil the company will add approximately 5,000 square meters of production and warehouse space. This construction includes new offices, a cafeteria and other infrastructure measures that will be finished at the beginning of 2018.

In the area of finished surfaces (finished Surfaces by Schattdecor), the headquarters in Thansau, Germany will invest in a lab lacquering line for radiation cured lacquer for the foil and lacquer development to support the growing demand for foil surfaces. This line will launch in mid-2018. Also, in Poland, the expansion of the office building and the new construction of the 2,500 square meter paper roll warehouse will move forward. By the middle of May 2017 the plant will be at maximum size and provide the capacity for two further lacquering channels. Further information on the surface specialist can be found at


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