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Sarah Reep: Sr. Director of Design & Product Sales for Blum, Inc.

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Blum, Inc. has announced that Sarah Reep joined Blum as their Sr. Director of Design & Product Sales. 

For over 40 years, Blum, Inc.’s presence in the kitchen and bath industry has led to many enduring relationships with kitchen manufacturers, cabinetmakers, and hardware distributors.  With over 30 years of kitchen and bath design, sales and marketing experience, Sarah Reep will begin a new chapter for Blum, opening the door to the design realm.  Reep has worked with both face frame and frameless lines from major cabinet brands. 
With this appointment, Reep will create and lead a new channel for Blum in the USA called, Design and Product Sales. Reep’s role, and ultimately her team, will focus on building the Blum brand within the design and dealer channels to complement our current sales efforts, which are focused on cabinetmakers.
Shannon Lafferty, President of Blum, Inc., says, “Sarah has a wealth of experience and knowledge to lead, support, and grow our industry. Blum's brand, people, products, programs, and services will benefit from having a contributor such as Sarah. She is well suited to work with a wide range of business formats, trade professionals, customers, and consumers. Blum is pleased to be able to make this investment in our industry and our business.”
Reep says, “I can’t think of a better fit for me and my career than to be a part of Blum’s global family. Working with a well-established brand and top-quality products allows me to contribute to their commitment to growth, while supporting an industry I love.”
Sarah is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She will travel to Blum, Inc. regularly to collaborate with her peers for new developments.  Blum looks forward to you getting to know Sarah and learning how she can be a part of your business plans to grow our industry with high-quality, Made in the USA, and Austrian products.


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