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Grand Rapids, Mich., July 29, 2016 – Stiles Machinery, Inc. plans to introduce attendees to the most innovative and proven technology in edge processing at the upcoming International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA this August 24-27, 2016. Showcasing HOMAG Group’s airTec, Stiles will demonstrate how invisible edges can be achieved through affordable zero edge technology; technology that is revolutionizing edgebanding processes for high-quality furniture and fixture manufacturers worldwide.
HOMAG Group’s airTec uses compressed, super-heated, high-velocity air to activate the adhesive layer of edgebanding materials. With this technology, air is propelled through a nozzle as the edgebanding material passes through the magazine, fusing the material to the panel edge and providing a zero-edge result. This method is both innovative and affordable as the airTec reactivation unit can be integrated into existing control systems, eliminating redundant processes and reducing operator work time. airTec is a simple, cost-effective zero edge solution ideal for a well-defined product portfolio or one with standard materials and colors.
Stiles will be exhibiting this technology on the five BRANDT and HOMAG Ambition edgebanders they will have on display in their nearly 26,000 square foot booth at IWF. The airTec system makes it possible for both straight and curved edges on work surfaces, cabinet doors and other furniture and fixture components to adhere perfectly without visible joints, unmatched edges or glue lines and deliver strong, high quality, high temperature- and moisture-resistant joints.

Experience this seamless technology by visiting Stiles Machinery in booths #5035 and #5053 at IWF 2016. Go to for more information on airTec and their daily demonstration schedules. See you in Atlanta.