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In its booth at the 2022 International Woodworking Fair that opened today in Atlanta, REHAU showcased its RAUVISIO House lines. The dramatic display of engineered surface and edge technologies demonstrated the human drive to surround ourselves with meaning.

From gloss to matte, crystal, natural and metal, each RAUVISIO House line is curated to be a classic of modern living and human-made for precision and permanence. The IWF booth was intentionally designed to allow millworkers to experience the lines in settings tucked away in their memories – a lakefront retreat, an ice fishing cabin and a classic car garage – and to invite meaningful human connection among attendees around the stories that might be brought to mind.

“The colors, textures and technologies of our RAUVISIO House lines are designed to bring out the storyteller in each of us,” said Devin Chicas, senior creative specialist at REHAU. “We’ve lived, loved and wandered to make our lines breathe life, your life, into the environments you inhabit. As we build each line, we’re not aiming to be the most extensive collections on the market, but to provide a tailored selection that allows designers to help each client find their voice and create their own unique experience.”


EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) marks its 30th anniversary this year and has emerged as the voice of the laminate flooring industry in Europe and beyond. "In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable progress EPLF has made over the years," said Max

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