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Products preferred all over the World carry the signature of Kastamonu Entegre

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Kastamonu Entegre, the leading brand of the wooden panel sector, that set off as a local producer on the journey of becoming a global brand, today has become one of the major producers of the world with 18 production facilities located in the country and abroad. The Kastamonu Entegre esthetic, functional and and qualitatively inter competing products  which are always trendsetter of the sector, have become today the preferential choice in almost 100 countries.

Kastamonu Entegre, one of the two big multinational company groups of Hayat Holding, was established in year 1969 in Istanbul for the purpose of running production in the wooden panel sector. The first prodcution plant in Kastamonu started manufacturing particle boards in year 1971. The 18 production facilities of Kastamonu Entegre, located in the country and abroad, are manufacturing raw and melamine coated MDF and particle boards, laminate floorings, fire resistant MDF and particle boards, humidity resistant MDF and particle boards, painted panels, honey-comb filled decorative panels, glossy panels, worktop and door panels, which meet the demands of the furniture, decoration and construction sectors and are also exported to almost 100 foreign countries.

Kastamonu Entegre, remarked for its experience and innovation oriented works, has actualized a “first” in the world by digitalizing all its products. The “IDS 3D(Interior Design Studio 3D)” mobile application, prepared for the sector professionals’ and customers’ use, which can be loaded free of charge, is facilitating the flooring, countertop, board and door surface choice anytime, anywhere and much faster.

Floorings, the indispensable products of the classic and modern decoration

The Floorpan brand laminate flooring, produced in Kastamonu Entegre’s facilities equipped with the latest technology, has a rich variety of colors and patterns, which carry the natural texture and colors of the wood to the work and living spaces. The Floorpan laminate flooring, which has an easily locking system, is silent, static electrification proof, easily cleanable, stain proof, scratch proof, heat saving, anti bacterial and has bacteria destroying properties, enjoys a wide range of patterns and surface alternatives suitable for different tastes. Stone, Deluxe, Elit, Natural, Register, Boutique, Urban, Classic, Sun, Nova are among the  series of Floorpan, one of the most preferred laminate flooring products.

Kastamonu Entegre’s doors are opening to the world

The Dorpan door panels, produced in the perfect ambiance of design, technology and esthetics, in a wide product range, rich color and model variety, is providing a more modern and elegant look to your living space while its unmatchable quality is offering the possibility to use it for quite long years. On the other side, the Doorlam products which are decorative paper coated MDF panels ready to use, are delivered to the customers in five different color alternatives having the  characteristic of being usable immediately after pressing. The Doorlam door panels which do not necessitate any additional treatments such as polishing and painting, are offering cost and time advantages in application.

The brand carrying Nature to the Living spaces

The Reflection series of Kastamonu Entegre, remarkable for its brands which are produced considering the users’ different habits and needs, cover the choices of those who want to carry the positive energy and endless patters of nature to their living spaces. The series developed for the the melamine coated products, consists of  plain color, fantasy and wooden decors in 5 different surface textures and 65 different patterns. Stone Surface, Geometric Surface, Golf Surface, Paint Surface and Veneer Surface are among the texture designed in the Reflection series for various tastes.

Kastamonu Entegre products setting the standards

The Technotop and Neotop brand which, apart from the kitchen and bathroom countertops, are also preferred for the office, restaurants, cafeteria tables and counters, are distinguished by their humidity proof characteristic due to the top surface decorative laminate coated with a protective layer and the bottom surface covered with special proof paper. Apart from its water resistance in humid areas such as kitchen and bathrooms, its is also resistant to vapors, heat, stains, scratches and impact. Since it is also easily cleanable, it is also the top choice for the areas where hygiene plays and important role.

All products were digitalized 

Kastamonu Entegre who considers innovation as an indispensable  component of the corporate culture, has carried one step further its efforts in this area by introducing the IDS 3D (Interior Design Studio 3D)” mobile application. Kastamonu Entegre who transferred all its products to the digital platform, is offering its users numerous color and texture alternatives in the 3D chart section under the headings flooring, countertops, boards and and door surfaces. The products which can be imaged on the screen in the desired dimensions, are submitted in a multiple view angle by 360 degree rotation due to the touch feature.

Kastamonu Entegre’s  IDS 3D (Interior Design Studio 3D)” mobile application is also distinguished by its virtual showroom characteristic. The virtual showroom offers spaces where different products such as the chosen furniture, surfaces and floors  can be tried in different combinations. This section gives the users the possibility to see how the products they have selected during the 3D experience, look in furnished spaces and to create their desired combinations suitable to their tastes.


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