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Available as from September 2016

In addition to weathering resistance and corrosion protection, scratch resistance is one of the most requested properties by our customers. With the new concept in the coating formulation, the powder coatings are successfully furnished with greater resistance against mechanical stress to the surface.

Robustness in harmony with aesthetics and weathering stability

The coming coating solutions exhibit all significant properties of modern paint surfaces and now also an outstanding surface robustness. The significantly enhanced resistance of the innovative paint film ensures that the product surface is more robust against abrasive or parallel linear damage (multiple scratches). Transport damage caused by wear as well as assembly and cleaning marks are significantly minimised. For end customers, the product characteristics signify greater serviceability and thus extended value conservation.

Additional customer benefits

POWDERNEWS Robust surfaces are more durable in building site operations. The innovative coating formulation provides more handling safety during transport and assembly. The robust resistance of perfect surfaces reduces scouring marks and the matting effect of abrasive dust