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Panolam® Surface Systems Announces A New West Coast Supplier Partner for Thermally Fused Laminates

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Panolam Surface Systems, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions today announced that the company is adding Specialty Laminates as a supplier partner for Panolam’s thermally fused laminate (TFL) product lines.

“In our ongoing effort to provide a full range of product solutions for our customers, Panolam Surface Systems is enhancing our TFL program with the addition of an outstanding supplier partner in the west coast market,” said Jeffrey Muller, Executive Vice President for Panolam Surface Systems. “With the addition of Specialty Laminates, Panolam will be able to offer our customers a more robust inventory and distribution channel than ever before.”

As a family-owned and operated company, Specialty Laminates has grown to be one the most trusted producers of TFL in North America. Specialty Laminates now operates out of both Canada and the United States with three large-scale production facilities in Calgary, Alberta and Eugene, Oregon. As a niche laminator, Specialty Laminates is able to offer coordinated panel options through multiple TFL Textures, and flexible manufacturing processes. “A partnership with Panolam will allow Specialty to expand on our growing texture TFL programs. It will also create a larger value-added footprint in the growing TFL market in North America,” said Jonny Nikolic, Director for Specialty Laminates. Specialty Laminates will offer Panolam TFL in Arizona, California, Montana and Nevada.


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