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Logging, Manufacturing, Construction Among Most Overworked industries in the U.S.

New data indicates that several sectors within the Surface & Panel industry are among the most overworked in America.

Photo by Charlotte Harrison / Unsplash

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New data ranks the industries working the longest hours in America, and logging (along with mining) takes the top spot, with an average of 45 hours per week—nearly 23 percent above the national average.

The research, conducted by law firm Schmidt & Clark, examined data on the average number of weekly hours worked in each industry in February 2024, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industries with the highest percentage increase from the national average have been named the most overworked.

Mining and logging take the top spot. The industry, responsible for collecting essential minerals and materials used every day, such as cement and wood, works more hours than any other. In total, this equals 45 hours per week on average, 22.9 percent above the national average of 36.7 hours.  

In fourth place is the manufacturing industry, working 9.31 percent more than the average citizen, at around 40 per week, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Goods-producing follows in fifth place. The industry, which includes agriculture and forestry, works an average of 39.7 hours per week, 8.4 percent above the national average in America, according to the study.  

According to the study, construction is America's seventh most overworked industry. Incorporating building, civil engineering, and specialty trade contracting, the industry works 38.9 hours per week on average. This works out as 6.31 percent above the national average.   

The eighth most overworked industry is transportation and warehousing, with 38 hours and 3.85 percent above the national average.

A spokesperson at Schmidt & Clark commented on the findings: “In April 2024, 161.49 million people were employed in the U.S., 0.33 percent more than the previous year. This study highlights the industries working the longest hours in February 2024, increasing the risk of burnout, with mining and logging coming out on top. Therefore, as an essential industry for the nation and the wider world, business leaders within the sector must take the steps needed to support these workers, including investing in mental health support and encouraging the use of vacations.”