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The SIKO GmbH has been known for Made in Germany measurement technology since 1963. With the new Optical Sensor LT5000, for measuring distances of up to 5,000 mm, SIKO is expanding its comprehensive range of measuring devices 

Areas of Application – At Home in Automation
Wherever large quantities of a product are manufactured, automation measures have become indispensable. Production lines automatically detect materials passing by or machines or equipment to be completed. Whether in automobile production, steel processing or woodworking/furniture production, manufacturing steps and production processes are bound up with the need to measure spaces and distances. In addition to the manufacturing field, material handling and storage technology are also relevant fields of operation for the optical distance sensors from SIKO.

Exact Measurements with a Laser Light
The new optical Distance Sensor LT5000 works with a laser light based on Time-of-Flight technology. 
The distance is determined by a pulsating laser light emitted from the sensor head and reflected back from the object at the distance being measured. Based on the time between the moment the laser light is emitted and the moment it is received back, the distance to the object can be determined. This principle is similar to that used by a “laser pistol” used by police to measure speeds in roadway traffic.

Integration and Teach-In
The sensor head has an analog voltage output / current output. The area to be measured can be configured by pressing buttons and can also be inverted, if necessary. With the help of an additional switching output, the switching range can be adjusted as desired. Last but not least, a very simple integration is guaranteed by the easily perceptible laser light. To see how easily it works, try it out yourself. SIKO GmbH will be pleased to make a free trial sensor available to you upon request. 


•    compact design
•    easy to integrate
•    high flexibility through invertible analog characteristic curve (Qa)
and switching range function (Q)
•    simple startup and operation with external Teach-in
•    good visible laser light spot of Laser Class 1 for precise
alignment and complete eye safety
•    analog output 0 –10 V or 4 – 20 mA

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