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Opera R – The ONLY automated solution named Finalist for IWF Challenger’s Award

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Charlotte, NC, December 14, 2017 –  

Biesse and Viet are excited to deliver the Opera R: The only automated solution for sanding of MDF doors with flat center panel, as well as removal of cross grain scratching of solid wood doors. For almost 25 years our industry has been searching for a solution for the removal of Cross Grain scratching and the Viet Opera R is the ultimate solution. Until now, this search has been one of frustration, disappointment and excessive cost. The new “Patented” Viet Opera R delivers high quality sanding results normally only obtained from manual hand sanding but in an automated way. The Opera R also addresses the difficulties of inconsistent removal of cross grain scratch, finish quality with no “swirl” or “check” marks, proper sanding pressure to ensure no over polishing or dips, low maintenance cost and consistent finish quality from the first door to the last.