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The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours, different colours and a variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira combines attractive options for differentiating with high cost efficiency by means of a platform concept.

The sleek design of InnoTech Atira fits into any home situation and offers a wide variety of options for differentiating drawers and pull-outs. Various side elements, such as railing, TopSide below the railing or DesignSide, colours, rear panel widths and runners provide individually tailored solutions that can be produced with flexibility and ease. A simple upgrade from railing to TopSide or DesignSide is also possible. Drilling positions and front panel are not affected by this. Further added value for individualists comes from designer profiles that can be stuck to the drawer side profile at low cost – also at any later stage. The high quality designer profiles create visual highlights, emphasise the system's corners and edges and, combined, for example, with decors of the same colour for internal front panels, DesignSides or interior organisation, produce an overall concept with plenty of scope for differentiation. The freedom of design has no limits, because with InnoTech Atira, striking design meets proven technology.

Perfect differentiation also in terms of function: from the partial extension runner without soft closing to the full extension runner with Silent System or Push to open Silent. Quadro guides satisfy different requirements. The Quadro partial extension runner is the ideal gateway to double walled drawer systems, and with the option of being upgraded to a full extension runner, the ideal basis for InnoTech Atira. The range is perfectly complemented by the innovative, user friendly Push to open Silent function that competently combines handleless opening in response to a light press on the front panel with soft closing drawers. From small and light to large and heavy – the best performance is guaranteed for all drawers, e.g. by using a 10 kg runner or optional, clip in synchronisation for conveniently opening the drawer from almost anywhere on the front panel. Particular practical convenience is evident in many facets, such as in the retriggering guard or the intelligent drawer energy storage system if there's ever a lack of momentum on closing. Push to open Silent impresses with convenience and operational reliability.

Also in respect of interior organisation, InnoTech Atira leaves you wanting for nothing. The interior organisation, perfectly coordinated with the style elements, offers many practical storage details and organization aids. With just a few articles, it is possible to provide a wealth of options covering all price categories and application segments, also helping to keep stocks lean.

InnoTech Atira belongs to the Hettich InnoTech range. It is a perfected product range for many different applications and customised design options and is based on a cost-efficient platform concept that uses just one drawer side profile, keeping cost and effort as low as possible in production, stock keeping and logistics.



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