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Okamura Extends SW Height-Adjustable Family with New Wiring System and Benching Options

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CHICAGO—Leading Japanese office furniture manufacturer Okamura launches new height-adjustable table configurations, making healthy design more flexible to fit any space. SW height-adjustable family expands to include benching, 120° tables, L-shape tables, and Powerfit power distribution (enabling a modern cubicle configuration). The SW additions will be displayed at NeoCon 2017 and come with several new accessories and color variations.

SW Twin-Type is a new benching solution with a large-capacity, central wiring trough that discreetly runs under the privacy screens. SW 120° inherits a similar cabling system allowing circular configurations or branching tables. Screens for SW Twin Type and SW 120° can be fixed or adjust with the height of the table.

The new SW options come with an exciting launch of new accessories and color, material and finish options. New accessories include felt storage cradle, tabletop outlets, and more. The new fingerprintproof Prizewood laminate comes in three modern wood-grain tones. New screen options include acrylic or over 20 new fabric colors.

Powerfit power distribution system integrates most height-adjustable work surfaces to create an open cubicle configuration. Powerfit conceals cables and distributes power to height-adjustable tables and desktop outlets. Powerfit has several accessory options including shelves, shared tables, pinnable screens and more.

About Okamura Corporation

For over 70 years, Okamura has been Japan’s leading office furniture manufacturer and a benchmark for the industry. Okamura is recognized for its high quality products that have achieved design and engineering excellence. Okamura products are now distributed to over 50 countries. For more information on Okamura products, please visit one of our many showrooms or website at


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

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