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New VSA tall cabinet drawer
Moving storage space
A new dimension in comfort and design

Vauth-Sagel, systems components manufacturer to the fur-niture and kitchen furniture industry, will be unveiling the VSA larder cabinet drawer for modern kitchen designs at the SICAM in Pordenone 2016. This innovative fittings variant for tall cabinets with a load-bearing capacity of up to 75 kg automatically extends the contents in front of the edge of the cabinet when opening the cabinet door. To this end, the stored contents can be placed on up to five position-adjust-able levels. Equipped in our example with the Premea Artline basket variant with chrome-plated rail, a high-end wooden shelf and a front element made from either clear glass, the VSA simply radiates superlative quality. This product inno-vation is designed for highboard and tall cabinet carcasses and comes in all standard widths and heights.
The tall cabinet drawer is a highly-coveted classic among kitchen cabinets. An essential part of any modern kitchen, this fitting sys-tem fulfils all the requirements of a comfortable storage space solution and is continually further developed from generation togeneration. Securely guided by the frame and roller guides, the stored items on the integrated shelves glide out of the cabinet. To date, no other storage space solution has offered such a com-fortable and generous overview of stored items.

Hochschrankauszug VSAVauth-Sagel is now presenting a new member of its pro-gramme for tall cabinets: the VSA. The larder cabinet drawer can be integrated into any standardised tall kitchen cabinet whose door is connected to the carcass using standard cup hinges. Two door couplers on the top and bottom sides of the system fitting are connected to the cabinet door, hence enabling automatic ex-tension of the VSA when the door is opened. In this way, the shelves with stored items are comfortably extended in front of the edge of the cabinet. This not only permits a clear overview of the contents of the cabinet, but it above all also provides fast, easy access. The automated movement upon opening the cabinet door reverses upon closing the door again – the fitting system moves back into the starting position in one single movement.

Greater comfort for customers thanks to EasyFit
While developing the VSA, Vauth-Sagel did not merely focus on technological and design considerations. Decisive aspects of the development remit were also customer benefit and market-com-parable pricing. Comfort and movement quality – these are the key characteristics of the new VSA and the installed guide sys-tem. This in turn is fundamentally based on a roller guide devel-oped especially by Vauth-Sagel and which comes with mainte-nance-free ball bearings on the carcass bottom panel, which is supported by a specially aligned ball guide at the top. As in the case of all new product developments, the VSA is characterised by the fact it can be fitted onto the guide system without tools. This product innovation is currently available for 450-, 500- and 600-millimetre carcass widths and overall loads of up to 75 kg. These permit optimal utilisation of storage space throughout the entire kitchen.

Four basket variants provide individuality and flexibility
The VSA portfolio addition is available with the Classic, Saphir, Premea and Premea Artline basket variants. Each variant can be comfortably, simply and quickly height-adjusted by means of a function clip.
The superlative flexibility of the four basket variants permits clients to customise their larder cabinet – while retaining both the guide and the frame. Whether with classical wire shelves for the price-conscious solution or with chrome-plated rail, sustainably-sourced wooden shelf and side elements made from glass in the premium segment – virtually anything is possible for Vauth-Sagel’s VSA with the four different basket variants.

For over 50 years, the owner-run family company develops and manufactures system components of various materials for the medical/care, automotive and caravanning sectors as well as innovative storage space systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. Furthermore, the company offers complete of-fice and care solutions for customers across the globe. To this end, Vauth-Sagel specifically deploys its many years of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic material competencies. Around 850 employees develop and manufac-ture far more than 85 million “Made in Germany” quality products each year. In-house logistics and a global sales and distribution team round off the tai-lored range of products and services for clients throughout the world.


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