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New Non-Halogenated FR Compound for Flexible Films/Rigid Parts

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Atlanta, GA, October 1, 2019.  Dynamic Modifiers, LLC (a leading specialty polyolefin polymer compounder) has today officially introduced its new PAL…VersaCHARTM a state-of–the-art non-halogenated compound to pursue demanding industrial and commercial areas. The compound is at the ultimate of what’s currently available in the flame retardant market. Flame causes char bodies to rapidly form on the compound surface, protecting against additional flame and delaying heat transfer. Tested to 1,9500C (highest to date) with no molten polymer or flaming drips.  The compound has passed ASTM E84 (Class A) with a 15/10 rating, which includes “clean” smoke generation of only 2.3 percent of allowable limits.

In addition to the above attributes, the compound is light-weight at 1.0 specific gravity, 100 percent non-toxic in every respect, including heavy metals, halogens or VOC’s, fully sustainable and LEED’s capable.  Other properties, include excellent cold crack performance, hydrophobic, printable, extreme chemical resistance, and able to be custom tailored for specific needs e.g. UV or antimicrobial as volume use warrants.  Best of all, it is reasonably priced.

The PAL…VersaCHAR compound can be produced as a flexible film, sheet, coated fabric, molded to shape or over-molded to most materials including metal for corrosion resistance.  Being a polymeric compound it can be a cast film, calendered in durometers from 80-99A for flexible to highly rigid formats.  An adhesive has been created which bonds to surfaces and in internal evaluations has passed a 60 second vertical burn with no ply separation, distortion or flaming drips.

A significant advantage of PAL…VersaCHAR is it doesn’t exhibit either a fast or slow continuous burning, but instead, quickly surface chars which prevents flame spread and rapid self- extinguishing burn behavior, protecting any underlying substrate to which it is adhered.  For use in many industries from aerospace, interior spaces to protection of rigid structural materials, valuable assets and military to name a few. Especially advantageous in protecting commercial spaces where people gather indoors.   


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