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New Cabinet Vision: “Milestone For Productivity and Efficiency”

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Vero Software has issued Version 10 of its industry-leading solution for cabinet and casewoods manufacturers.

The latest release of Cabinet Vision is designed to help woodworkers take their businesses to the next level.

Product Business Manager Marie Cassidy says Version 10 represents the next milestone of an ongoing goal to deliver the most powerful and flexible software on the market while retaining ease of use in the design module and Screen-To-Machine (S2M)™, which sends accurate, optimized NC code to the machine tool.

“From entry level cutlist packages to fully integrated Screen-To-Machine solutions, this latest release has been developed specifically to give woodwork companies even more productivity and efficiency.”

A major asset in Version 10 is the ability to export entire rooms and import them into other jobs. “This allows users to save time by capitalizing on the work they’ve already done.”

Another completely new feature is the ability to set and save camera angles and viewpoints when viewing rooms in 3D mode. “These viewpoints mimic the way the eye creates depth and perspective based on the location and height of the observer, giving a more realistic and creative look at the rooms.”

There is no longer any need to type the name of an object when creating CAD leaders, saving time and effort. Cabinet Vision now gives the ability to select any object in any view to quickly create a CAD leader to identify it. These ‘smart’ CAD leaders know what the selected object is and automatically add its name in the text.

An enhanced light editor is displayed in its own resizable dialog box, giving more space and flexibility when working with lighting. “This is better for users when setting and adjusting lighting for renderings,” Cassidy says.

A new ghost rendering feature means that varying degrees of transparency can be set when rendering jobs, meaning both the inside components and outside features can be shown in the same view.

Cabinets can now be copied and mirrored, reversing all the sectioning both inside and out. This new feature saves time, as users no longer have to manually recreate a perfect mirror image of an assembly, piece by piece.

Version 10 also features a complete hatching overhaul, with the use of vector hatch patterns supporting the .pat file format, allowing the use of industry standard hatch patterns when creating submittal drawings. 

When working on sliding or paired doors, each door can now be independently sectioned, giving more scope for design creativity.

The Cabinet Vision Bid Center’s reporting capabilities have been completely enhanced in the Solid Ultimate module, and for Solid Advanced users with the Report Editor add-on. This new feature gives more power and flexibility when creating customized bid reports.  

There is now the ability to layout mouldings around curved arches, making it easier to ‘dress up’ a room or object, enhancing design.

The S2M Center automatically processes part geometries and produces machine ready G-code to send straight to workshop CNC machinery, eliminating time and costly errors. Amongst a number of new features:

  • Using the Machine Set feature, users now have the ability to create a Workflow process streamlining the process for parts to flow through production, including information for labels and reports. This leads to better utilization of both labor and machine tools.
  • Machine operations that have been generated through the S2M Center’s machine links can now be simulated, meaning users can visually check the operations before machining.
  • Perimeter Nesting is an innovative S2M Center start point methodology. “It maximizes the part hold on the sheet during cutting, reducing movement on the nested sheet,” Cassidy says. “This decreases the amount of rework needed, and machine time.”

In conclusion: “Cabinet Vision is used extensively by companies designing and manufacturing kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and furniture for schools and offices, along with bespoke case goods. Every user will find many of the updates in the latest release invaluable in improving their processes even further, whether they have manual cutlists or use CNC equipment.”