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CHICAGO – The North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA) has deepened its partnership with Cleveland Research Company to provide content to the NBMDA Research Center – further enhancing the value of NBMDA membership by providing members with an ongoing series of exclusive research reports, focused on relevant industry topics and trends.
“NBMDA members already have access to benchmarking, sales and economic trend reports,” said NBMDA Executive Vice President Kevin Gammonley. “To build on that data repository, we are excited to offer our members valuable industry research that will serve as the basis to make informed business decisions.”
The research reports are available exclusively to NBMDA members and cover such topics as:
• Residential Homebuilding Updates
• E-Commerce Trends
• Digital Advertising Developments
• Building Product Trends
• Home Center Trends
• Transportation Insights & Trends
New reports are added to the repository on a monthly basis. For more information about the NBMDA Research Center or NBMDA membership, visit or contact NBMDA Headquarters at 888.747.7862.



EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER set a goal to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the future, committing to Net Zero by 2050 and reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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