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MineralVeneer, the surface revolution for interior architecture – mineral based and environmental-friendly

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MineralVeneer is a new material developed by Richter akustik & design. Ideal for high-end interior surfaces to create unique spaces, cabinetry, bathroom and office furniture, store-fixtures, RV’s and more. This makes MineralVeneer a very attractive alternative to traditional plastic surfaces. The pleasant haptic experience makes this new material a favorite eco-friendly surface solution. At the Interzum trade show in Cologne, Richter akustik & design received the “Best of the Best” award for MineralVeneer.

What is MineralVeneer made from?
MineralVeneer is mainly mineral-based, cement-bound and a fibre-reinforced material. The thin and homogeneous surface has a thickness of just 1 mm.

Unique product properties:
Due to its unique material properties the MineralVeneer panels improve the indoor air quality in a very pleasant manner. Interior spaces become more healthy and a feel-good environment.
MineralVeneer panels are easy to work with and processed with standard woodworking equipment.
Matching edge banding is available for a uniform panel appearance.

Perfect room acoustics with a modern and attractive design.
MineralVeener can also be used to produce and design acoustic elements. With its 320,000 nearinvisible holes per square metre and its 0,5 mm perforations the panels are ideal to create attractive and innovative environments.

The new MineralVeneer meets fire rating category "B-s1-d0". A tested composit panel of
RiBoard®-substrate, MineralVeneer achieved fire rating "A2-s1-d0".


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

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