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mHouse Project

My son-in-law is a psychiatrist. My daughter is a clinical psychologist. Between them I get plenty of analysis, whether I like it or not. At dinner a few weeks ago I was explaining the progress of the mHouse Project, the stress, the challenges and the surprises we faced, but also the enjoyment of seeing it all come together. I told my son-in-law that I often wake up at 4:00 am and think I am crazy for embarking on such an aggressive and risky project.

I said, “no one in their right mind would take such a chance, particularly at my age. Do you think I am crazy?” “No,” he said, “but I think you are one step short of crazy.” “One step short of crazy doesn’t really sound that good,” I replied. “Don’t get stressed out,” he said. (I’ve been hearing this from both of them frequently) …“one step short of crazy is … passionate.” I immediately felt better. It had a better ring to it than “crazy.” He went on to quote the great psychiatrist, Dr. Victor Frankl, who said, “what a man truly needs in life is not a tension free state, but the struggling and striving for a goal that is worthy of him. And it all starts with passion.”

No wonder these guys get $500/hour.

I have a new answer when people ask, “why are you building this house?” It’s not because I am crazy. It’s because I am passionate … about the panel processing industry and deploying our industry's materials in a spectacular modern home.

The mHouse Project will feature the most advanced surface and panel products our industry has to offer, truly uniting material, technology and design.

I am excited and passionate about Interprint’s décor designs and Uniboard’s textured TFL used in cabinetry, walls and ceiling in the kitchen…about showcasing Stevens Industries’ design collection and their fabricating expertise in the master suite. I can’t wait to see what interior designer, Amy Carman, has in store for the media room and how she will utilize the amazing high gloss acrylics and deep textured laminates from Premier Eurocase. Omnova Solutions and Northern Contours have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind contemporary wine room. Northern’s Lary Skow, a designer himself, will truly enjoy working with Amy as they create this space together. Columbia Forest Products’ hardwood plywood will be dominate the fireplace, a key focal point in the 12-foot-high central living area. Architect John Vetter and Amy have already collaborated on the execution. Expect to be surprised. At 28' x 40', the garage will be more than a place to park cars. The design of this space and the cabinetry will rival Mario Andretti’s garage. Few garages have a 10' wide window. The mHouse does. Flakeboard (Arauco) designs will be featured throughout, in what must be considered more of a "living space" than a parking place. Tafisa designs will dominate a main entry hall with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Quest Engineering is a key fabricating partner, producing many of the frameless cabinets for the home. Hafele hardware and LED lighting will be used exclusively in the mHouse.

Our industry's materials extend to the exterior of the home, as well. Fiberesin Industries StoneWood rain screen exterior panels will be used in conjunction with Simona Americas SimoWood (made from Resysta). SimoWood will be used in several unique applications including fabricated privacy screens.

Only the finest materials were used in the shell and core of the mHouse. Roseburg Forest Products’ engineered I joists, RigidLam laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and RigidCoat water resistant underlayment were used exclusively. Nearly 1,700 lineal feet of Roseburg’s RigidLam LVL was used in the shell of the mHouse. And to protect the shell, Kimberly Clarks’ new “Block It” house wrap will protect the house until the exterior rain screen is installed.

This project could have never gotten off the ground without the dedication and support from Marvin Windows and Doors and the team at Weather-Tek Design Center. The mHouse will feature over 1,600 square feet of windows, including a 24 foot x 12 foot Marvin Lift & Slide door…one of the largest in the Midwest.

The mHouse is going to be a very cozy place. We just received two containers of the world’s finest mineral wool insulation made by Fibran from Greece. Our partner, Econsynthetix provides an ecologically sound soy based binder used in the manufacture of Fibran.

Yes, I am passionate about seeing this project come together. There are so many stories to tell. But we will tell them all. Our goal is to communicate this project to the world through Bedford Falls Media and other national publications.

The grand opening will be a very special event.

For more information on the progress of the mHouse, go to and click on the mHouse icon.



All my best,


John Aufderhaar, Publisher (and Passionate Entrepreneur)

Surface & Panel | | 920-206-1766



“I have a new answer when people ask, ‘why are you building this house?’ It’s not because I am crazy. It’s because I am passionate … about the panel processing industry and deploying our industry’s materials in a spectacular modern home.”


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