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Dust systems set a new standard for separation, build quality.

Irvine, California- A new line of cyclones will be among several new machines introduced at IWF Atlanta,
Booth 4813, by Laguna Tools.

The new C|Flux series offers a completely new approach to design and functions. The machines eliminate the need for a flex hose with an ingenious lift system that moves the drum off the floor and seals it against the drum lid. Air flow is improved along with improved portability since four wheels are not forced into the floor when the unit is moved. HEPA filter-equipped P|Flux series units include a dual LED display that indicates a full drum, or a filter that requires cleaning. To keep the plastic bag in place during use, a pipe that creates low pressure during operation is automatically connected to the drum. The unit also incorporates swing-away doors lined with acoustic foam to reduce operating noise level. Both units are available with a variety of motor sizes and other options.

Complete information and pricing on the units can be seen at