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Our ENDMASTER-K series offers reliable solutions for edge capping of wrapped door profiles. The system is designed for just-in-time with single-sided processing, automatic applying of the edgeband with hotmelt or PUR glue with special glue system. The CNC 3 axis control offers precise trimming of edge band with two overhead routers. Edge boring can be applied with a standard boring pattern or PTP.



Koch also offers the ENDMASTER-P base.line for hot stamping of rails including chamfering and drill/dowel. Our double sided machines made for high production are offered with sizing and clamping equipment for a complete system.


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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