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Kitchens are such an important part of any home; whether you have a tiny studio apartment, or a mansion, kitchens serve both a practical and aesthetic function.

In recent years, minimalism has been trending in various aspects of social and personal life, including fashion, home décor and interior design. Less is more, space is valuable and lifestyle shifts and approaches have put perspective on the urge to hoard, own and keep everything in our homes.

People are increasingly opting for minimalist interiors in their homes, especially their kitchens, which are important workspaces too.

This may seem drastic, but for the minimalist kitchen of your dreams, it’s incredibly important that you get rid of broken and old appliances or store the ones that are not usually in use to free space on the counter and give your kitchen the minimal look.

Remember, less is more and in fact, old appliances might be consuming excessive energy and costing you more than you realize anyway. If investing in new ones isn’t possible, really narrow down on what you absolutely need or work on proper storage and usage so everything isn't taking up space on your countertops.

Gone are the days when loud, bright colors ruled the kitchen and home. If you can, paint the walls of your kitchen a muted but pleasant color, or go the opposite route for a steely look that complements your interiors.

Clean out all the corners, drawers, stove and work on maintaining that for a brighter, more spacious but minimalist aesthetic.