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Surfaces, architecture, functions

Hettich's "Personal. Diverse." trend report on ISH 2017 provides an overall picture of the world's largest showcase for innovative bathroom design in respect of surfaces, architecture and functions.

Surfaces are becoming more varied: long gone are the days when white dominated the bathroom because colours arouse emotions, create moods and underscore personal character. Wooden surfaces and dark colours give bathrooms a varied and homely look – even when it comes to porcelain and taps. Pastel shades add a fresh breeze, with porcelain in bicolor and industrial look giving the bathroom that unique certain something.

Architecture is coming to life: individuality is the key. Sometimes totally purist, sometimes in retro rounded look, sometimes with angled contours. The combination of bathroom furniture and accessories in a wide range of colours and options make the bathroom a haven of well being with a very personal touch. Metal frames or slender legs make bathroom furniture look extremely delicate. Approaching fronts, edges and contours from a whole new angle bring diversity to the bathroom. And open shelf elements are perfect for displaying accessories.

Functions are becoming even more intelligent: above all, bathrooms must be practical and convenient. With the convenience of height adjustment and other additional functions, furniture easily adapts to people of any age – and still looks smart in the bargain. Intelligent organisational elements are turning bathroom furniture into veritable storage wizards and, with perfected lighting, the bathroom is becoming the favourite place to be. Digitalisation has long since arrived: all made possible by smart WCs, interconnected mirrors and integrated sound systems.

Hettich's "Personal. Diverse." trend report provides a general picture of the new products shown. It shows a selection of impressions of diverse surfaces, vibrant architecture and intelligent functions – as information and inspiration. It is available in the form of a web special at:



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