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Environmental and social responsibility

Holding its ground in a global economic context and at the same time pushing ahead with positive developments in the sphere of environmental and social sustainability is a challenge the family firm of Hettich has set itself for years. Targets and results have been published for the second time in 2017 in a sustainability report.

“Our aim is to connect business success with ecological and social responsibility. Our sustainability strategy emphasizes the long term”, Dr. Andreas Hettich stressed. “The sustainability report contains information about targets we have already attained and the challenges we will set ourselves in future.” These include for example further systematically increasing the efficient use of energy and resources in production and infrastructure.

To make the developments and results transparent, the sustainability report will be published at two-yearly intervals. It is available for downloading from the Internet:



EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER set a goal to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the future, committing to Net Zero by 2050 and reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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